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songs about speed – but at an early Saturday morning tempo..

1 The Apocalypse Song St. Vincent
2 Girl On A Motorcycle Cinerama
3 Speed And Sleep Throwing Muses
4 Landscape at Speed Shearwater
5 Faster Than Cars Kate Tucker & The Sons of Sweden
6 Moscow State Circus Eugene McGuinness
7 Quick As White Kasai Allstars & Animal Collective
1 Whole Lotta Losin’ Monsters Of Folk
2 Bumper Cults
3 The Speed Is Deceiving Uninhabitable Mansions
4 The Passenger Stars
5 Dumper Truck Racing Ballboy
6 Drive The Wedding Present
1 Some Racing, Some Stopping Headlights
2 The Race Is On Again Yo La Tengo
3 Velocity Bird Peter Murphy
4 Goddess on a Hiway Mercury Rev
5 Saturday Morning Rush Earl Zinger

wizz 2

from Boney M to Crass possibly not to the ‘spill collectives taste.

1 I Got Gone (ft. Sage Francis) Buddy Wakefield
2 Mashin’ On The Motorway DJ Shadow
3 Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger Uminski
4 Bad Ass Micky Finn & Aphrodite
5 Witness (1 Hope) (Slugabed Remix) Roots Manuva
6 Fast Cars Aesop Rock
7 Hurry Up Garry Crass

1 The Race Yello
2 Fast Lane Husky Rescue
3 Nothing But Green Lights Tom Vek
4 Speed Bike (Bad Mojo Remix) (feat. C.Monts) Tvyks
5 Nightflight To Venus Boney M.
6 Stolen Car The Manhattan Love Suicides
7 Speedway The Prodigy

55.3 minutes of procrastination tunes.

did I make it before the new theme?

1 Nothing Special The Jazz Butcher
2 All Day The Concretes
3 Wasted Daylight Stars
4 Talking Fishing Blues Buck 65
5 Wish I Was in Heaven RL Burnside
6 Wastin’ Time (Boom Bass Remix) The Shoes
7 Mañana – Souleance Souleance

1 Manana Amon Düül 2
2 Wasted Hours Arcade Fire
3 Bathtime In Clerkenwell (Johnny Trunk Diddle Diddle Oh Mix) The Real Tuesday Weld
4 This Is All I Came To Do Dinosaur Jr
5 Banana Pancakes Jack Johnson
6 Slowtime The Wolfgang Press

West Country Social?

I’ve been reminded of my promise last year to try to sort out a West Country social; it all got overtaken a bit by events then, but this year looks more promising. We will be very happy to host, if people don’t mind trailing over to Castle Cary (we do have a railway station!), in which case a lunchtime event seems the best bet. The alternative would be to meet somewhere a bit more central like Bristol, in which case someone else will need to identify a suitable venue…

The most important thing, however, is to try to agree on a date. I’ll be busy in June and away for most of August, but much of July or September would be possible; so far two people have voted for September, but they’re the only two people to have expressed an opinion… If you would like to attend such an event, could you indicate your availability below? And if you’d prefer to meet in Bristol rather than the depths of Somerset, could you say that in the comments?

Backyard BBQ Challenge #1a: Mmmm! More Please! – Cookout Recipes and A Side of Music Part One: Side Dishes

Beginning with apologies for a blatant format swipe of recipe and song from Steenbeck’s blog!  It’s wonderful, if you haven’t yet checked it out.

Tincanman‘s challenge this week has started the gastric juices flowing. Some wonderful recipes (some new and some old family favourites) have been hinted at, alluded to and one already offered by Fintan on the Challenge itself.

Edit: We’ll start by asking you to share your favourite barbeque recipes here, adding an appropriate song or tune to go with the recipe.  It doesn’t need to be a barbeque themed song – you can post that on the Challenge.  We can cover grilling meat, fish, vegetables and marshmallows (!) next week, and salads and deserts after that, if there is sufficient interest.


Dig in.

And Fintan, what is your Shrimp recipe called?

And thanks to the Ranting Chef for stopping by yesterday.


Grilled Corn (Great with mayo and chile powder)

Backyard BBQ Challenge #1: What are you bringing?

THE TURN in the UK weather has brought out the BBQers, and it is a myth that ‘Spillers spend all their time indoors listening to music and organizing our record collections. Quite a few us venture outdoors for leisure on a regular(ish) basis … as long as there’s music. So come on over to The ‘Spill backyard/garden and bring us a tune.

People will have their own ideas about what makes a good BBQ tune, but to me the music is the salsa of the BBQ. It sets the tone and gives extra life to everything around it. I want it fresh, and I want some spice, but I do not want it to be in charge. I’ll start us off with Taller Children by Elizabeth & The Catapults because it’s nice and lively with a good mix of ingredients. I think it should go with anything you guys bring.

He Said ~ She Said – Japanese Lock Chicks ! ! !

Ms S it is Rock not Lock!!!
But Mr P - that is what I said - Lock ! ! !

She Says:

We have wanted to this post for a long time and now at last we can ! ! !  Japanese girls are very active in all genres of rock, much more I think than girls in the west. We want to show you some of the great things Japanese girls are doing these days in rock –  it is loud and little crazy maybe, but we think you will enjoy it!!!

He Says:

Last time we introduced you to some Japanese girls from the pink, fluffy end of the spectrum. This week it’s girls with balls. Big, fat, hairy rocky balls ( figuratively speaking, not really, I think you have to go to Thailand for that sort of thing). Wild girls making wild music in a wild way. Girls, doing for themselves. Go, go gyaru ! Continue reading


Adam & Joe used to have a great segment on their radio show called ‘Popropriation’ which involved listeners giving songs that they had appropriated and adapted to fit their everyday life or a particular situation.

I did this twice today without thinking about it. I was making a fine lunch of B.L.T and chips and started singing to the tune of Menace’s punk classic “G. L. C.” :

“B.L.T., B.L.T.
B.L.T., B.L.T.
Aaaaaaaand some chips, chips, chips, chips, chips, chips” ! !

…and then later when picking some fancy tea (well, fancy for me!) from a variety pack my Grandma sent us for Christmas, I popropriated 80s hardcore legends Bad Brains classic “Sailin’ On” when Mrs Panther asked what tea I wanted…

“I want Ceylon…
ceylon, ceylon, ceylon” !!

ahhh….I know, I know, pretty poor, but it keeps me amused !

Now, I’m sure I’m not the only ‘Spiller who does this… let’s have your recent or regular POPROPRIATIONS !

Earworms – 26th March

'Spill points alert! 6 cars, 6 songs, 6 points - which car represents which song, and can you identify the vehicles? Thanks to DsD for the inspiration! ... Bonus point if anyone spots the slight anachronism.

Little Angels – Radical Your Lover
90s Scarborough rockers Little Angels come screeching into the Earworms Shopping Centre car park, in a low-slung, souped-up, tastelessly-resprayed Citroen AX. The sound system in their boy-racer (worth more than the rest of the car) blasts out one of my favourite uses ever of a brass section in Classic Rock.

Dragon Ash ft. Rappagariya – Deep Impact
I love this track! ! ! It is loud, noisy and has a fantastic beat and riff.  Dragon Ash are a really innovative group that have been around forever and I love they way they mix styles and all the different influences they show in their music.  I hope people like it – but I know not everyone will! ! !
Hoshino Sakura

Cornershop ft. Bubbley Kaur – United Provinces Of India
Although I’m a big fan of Cornershop, I was very unsure about a whole album with another vocalist but it’s an absolute delight.  She isn’t called Bubbley for nothing and has me dancing round the kitchen on a regular basis.

Thundermug – Africa
I’ve been digging deep into the Canadian charts of this era.  The general rule is that, even in the era of CanCon, the Canadian charts generally paralleled the American charts with Canucks (and to a lesser extent, Brits) charting higher.  That leaves quite a few interesting exceptions which failed to crossover to the US or UK.  Here’s an odd hybrid of T-Rex glam, bass-heavy Mountain funk, bloozy Led Zep hard rock, and kazoos (!).  Hit #38 in Canada.

Richard Berry and the Pharoahs – Louie Louie
This is the original 1956 cut by the song’s composer. Although I like the Kingsmen’s better known version, I actually prefer this. I’ve just discovered that the vinyl EP I own which this track comes from is now worth about £200.

Funkadelic – Smokey
I imagine that after a hard day funking on the mothership you might want to sit down, relax and kick back. if so, this would be just the tune to do it with whilst chanting the mantra: ‘looking back at you, I lost a lot, you’ve got a lot, miss you a lot’  – just try to resist.

Please send earworm contributions to  Thank you!

Stonehenge (mini) Social

In ancient times, hundreds of years before the dawn of history, an ancient race of people... the 'Spillers. No one knows who they were or what they were doing...

From left to right: Stonehenge, Zalamanda, Bethnoir, distant hordes of tourists.

On Saturday, a small social gathering was convened on the once-hallowed grounds of the ancient monument known as Stonehenge. On this momentous occasion, I was greatly pleased to make the acquaintance, in person, of Bethnoir.

The event was everything it should have been; the sun shone, the crowds weren’t too excessive, the picnics were happily (if not fully) consumed, the children frolicked happily together, and the grown-ups had a lovely time chatting. Oh, and nobody put Spinal Tap on their compilation CDs. Or any songs about standing stones.

Fortunately, we both have children capable of acting as photographers. Less fortunately, the subjects proved difficult; in the above image (devoid of smaller children and random tourists), we are looking at the wrong camera!

Edit: Apparently, music is required. The track I wanted isn’t on YouTube, but who needs the video?

Who cares where all the money went? Well… English Heritage snaffled a fair few pennies for admission. But I don’t really care. Right now I’m everso slightly regretting not having featured floral decorations as part of the outing (but the children were enjoying playing with the plentiful chalk).

Here’s A Playlist I Did Instead Of What I Was Supposed To Be Doing

Caretaker – Libet’s Delay
Nick Drake – They’re Leaving Me Behind
F&M – Maybe Tomorrow (Theme From The Littlest Hobo)
Stuart A. Staples – That Leaving Feeling
Vic Chesnutt – Deadline
Low – Lazy
Mochipet – Prolonging Forever
AGF.3 & Sue C – Lazy
Chicks On Speed – Procastinator

Mountain Goats – Palmcorder Yajna
Brakes – Worry About It Later
Autamata – Watching The World Go By
Beat – Save It For Later
Lucksmiths – Putting It Off & Putting It Off
Belle & Sebastian – Sleep The Clock Around
Beloved – Wake Up Soon

How LOW can we go?


They’re playing Halifax Minster, where I saw shows by I Am Kloot and Dan Michaelson last year, but missed ones from John Grant and The Unthanks the year before. Well I ain’t missing this one.

Tickets for me AND DarceysMam already bought. I’m prepared to pay for one more … for Shoegazer, to return the favour he did for me on the only other occasion I’ve seen Low, [at The Social, in Orlando, FL in Feb 2009]. All you have to do, Shoey, is get here!

Anyone interested? Friday 13th July is the date for your calendars, folks, (if you think you can afford two Northern Socials in three months – I’m still gutted I’m missing DaddyPig‘s 50th with RockingMitch.)

It would be nice if we could make it a bit of a multi-day Social event, but I know I’m working for London2012 on uniform distribution that weekend, and fear I said yes to both Sat & Sun.

Anyhoo, ticket info here:

And deliberately-misinterpreted-to-make-it-look-appropriately-titled Low song here:


It’s 4 charr-i-dee, mate

Please feel free to ignore me here, folks, as I do realise I’m committing one of those ultra-awkward, blog etiquette faux-pas, but …

Full info & sponsor page here:

Those of you who’ve met me will realize that if I try to break out into a jog, earthquake early warning centres all over the northern hemisphere will panic!

Julie (DarceysMam), who hasn’t worn a sports kit outside of Center Parcs for over a decade, has been to the gym THREE times this week in a desperate attempt at training.

Jess (DarceysSis) is wondering if she can get out of the whole thing by sponsoring the other three of us.

Darcey, however, has decided that she wants to help those kids she’s been seeing on the telly. Bless her!

So, on Sunday morning, off we go. Sunday evening? I’ll be all jimblylegged.

He Said – She Said – KAWAII ! ! !

Mr P ! Your ear is flopping ! ! !

She Says:

Welcome to the wonderful world of Kawaii ! ! ! But what is Kawaii ? ? ?  The word actually means something like cute or pretty. One of constant characteristics of Kawaii is the association with animals.  Bunnies, puppies, kittens are most common, and you see them everywhere.

As we look at some of the tracks we will point out some of the elements that are typically kawaii, including some of the hand gestures and dance moves,

We hope you enjoy it ! ! !

He Says:

Hello. Welcome to the world of chocolate jellybean unicorns and stuff, aka “Kawaii”. As Sakura says this means something like “cute” but so much more too. My favourite type of “Kawaii” stuff is where it all goes a bit wrong ( by Western standards) such as in Ebichu , the housekeeping hamster ( want to see a hamster bite it’s “masters” boyfriends tender parts ? Then look for the “Camembert” episode on Youtube) or Gloomy bear, a “Kawaii” bear that is “befriended” by a little boy. Except that Gloomy behaves like a real bear and attacks him all the time. So sweet ! Anyway, on with the tracks. Continue reading


Death Set- Too Much Fun For Regrets
Datsuns – What I’ve Lost
Gary Numan – Haunted [Rmx]
Thee More Shallows – Fly Paper
Wire – I Should Have Known Better
Eleanor Friedberger – My Mistakes
Magazine – You Never Knew Me

Mountain Goats – Neon Orange Glimmer Song
JD Meatyard – Sorry Song
Barzin – Mistakes [CFRU Undertones Version]
Nina Nastasia – Regret
James Yorkston – Tortoise Regrets Hare
Little Annie & Paul Wallfisch – Miss Annie Regrets

Earworms – 19th March

Mark Knopfler/Gerry Rafferty – The Way It Always Starts
Rafferty had turned his back on his singing career and retreated to the country but was persuaded to record this Mark Knopfler penned song in 1983 for the soundtrack to the film “Local Hero”. After years of alcohol abuse Rafferty died in 2011. Wonderful voice, greatly missed.

Sammi Smith – This Room for Rent
This song is rather typical of the 70s song by the female country singer, Bobbie Gentry, Billie Jo Spears and others could have done rather well. Sammi Smith was just about the only female in the Outlaw Country sub-genre and there’s just a little less sentimentalism and little more bitterness here than you often get (or am I imagining it?).

One2Many – Downtown
No, not that “Downtown”. Petula Clark this isn’t. But this was another of those Woolworth’s bargain bin cassettes, bought on the basis of (a) it being only 50p and (b) a vague remembrance of liking a lone track. “Downtown” was, apparently, a big hit in ’89. Do we remember it? Should we? I still like it – happy Norwegian pop with a nice bit of piano.

Steeleye Span – Cam Ye o’er frae France
Apparently a Scottish song from the Jacobite era. I just love the all over the place tune and the strange pronunciation; until I just looked online, I had no idea what it was about, but even without the history the tune is remarkable.

Django Reinhardt-Swing De Paris
Mrs. Fintan & I have been hooked on Django Reinhardt since seeing Midnight In Paris. As usual, Woody has unimpeccable taste in 30’s jazz. This makes me glad to be alive, it does.

Fleetwood Mac – Seven Wonders
I’d never heard of the Mac before Tango In The Night came out. I blame my age. I was seduced into buying the album on the back of this exotic beauty – and subsequently deeply disappointed by all the insipid Christine McVie ballads therein. Favourite bit? Stevie’s faded-out singing over the outro: “I hope and I pray, well, maybe it might work out some day…”

Heard – or been reminded of – any stick-in-the-ear tunes lately? Why not share them with the ‘Spill? The address is Don’t forget to write a short blurb to accompany the music! Thank you!


I don’t suppose I’m the only person who has ever jumped to a conclusion about a band based on their name. I nearly saw External Menace play in Edinburgh at a huge 10 day punx picnic. They were support band at one of the week’s gigs but I didn’t bother to get there in time. Based on their name it seemed obvious that they were some kind of “crustcore” band. There seemed to be loads of these around at the time with their sub-Slayer riffs, dreads and grunted vocals, and I didn’t need to see another. A few months later I actually got to hear External Menace on an 80s compilation and started kicking myself repeatedly. At the risk of getting a savage beating from a certain infamous frontman, I would say External Menace are the best ever Scottish punk band whose name begins “Ex”.

Continue reading

regrets? – only after i’ve had a few.

1 Lion’s Teeth The Mountain Goats
2 Under The Stairs De Rosa
3 Dead Men’s Cigarettes I Am Kloot
4 Woodcat (Viva Voce remix) Tunng
5 Sorry About The Doom Slow Club
6 Junk Bones Dark Dark Dark
7 Les Regrets Les Discrets


1 Sunrise, Sunset Bright Eyes
2 With a Heavy Heart (I Regret to Inform You) Does It Offend You, Yeah?
3 The Beat That My Heart Skipped Dan Le Sac VS Scroobius Pip
4 Glover The Aliens
5 Tired Out Buck 65
6 Regret (Enduser Version) Iamthesun


1 7 Arctic Monkeys
2 Regret (Sabres Slow ‘N’ Low Mix) New Order
3 It’s Too Late The Streets
4 the days of wine and roses the dream syndicate