EXPOSED: Found out what an RRer does in their spare time? Share it here

This is meant to be an amusing thread. Don’t post privacy invading things.

Except, of course, this Shari Vari expose: (Sorry, couldn’t get it to embed. Elves are welcome to repair it)

19 thoughts on “EXPOSED: Found out what an RRer does in their spare time? Share it here

  1. I am not sure if this is what you are looking after Tinny ! ! !

    But if it is not then just delete it ! ! !

    I did a lot of work for Eru Housing who are a property development company who build fancy houses in communities with swimming pools gyms and fences and guards!

    This is a short TV spot I did for them.

    This is a short clip of “behind the scene” for a shoot I did for them

    And finally this is me saying “buy me a new kitchen or make sure you remember the last blow job because it will be last you ever get!!!”

    Well more or less those words! ! !

    This was the first TV spot I did for my stupid job actually and I was still in University but the money was really useful and it was the first time I found I could achieve anything by sulking – I am pretty good at sulking now actually ! ! !

    • Gawd, I used to design furniture including kitchens a previous life. You look incredibly serious in that clip – were you preparing them for a nasty surprise as to how much it was going to cost?!

    • I’m sorry to say that the first clip instantly reminded me of some of the terrible adverts that Joey on Friends appeared in – the one for milk comes to mind…

    • LOL ! ! ! Tinny ! ! ! !

      My boy friend has an apartment with the oldest kitchen you can imagine….but he knows me now, and however much I sulk the kitchen does not change ! ! !

      The kitchen in my apartment was replaced this year by the owner of the apartment actually, as I has lived there a long time and now and it was quite old (I moved to my apartment in 2004 when when I first moved to Tokyo) but now my kitchen it is really cool and I love it a lot.

      I think if the kitchen is nice then you want to cook more and you feel more homely as I think the kitchen is like the heart of the home ! ! !

      But this message does not sell many kitchens ! ! !

      • Entirely agree about the importance of the kitchen, though that doesn’t – contrary to Mrs Abahachi’s views on the matter – mean that it needs to be changed every three years.

        Disturbingly, however, I keep reading this as ‘kittens’ – which are also the heart of the home.

  2. Wow, you’re proper famous, Sakura chan! Back when I was an actor (sort of) and had hair (!), I appeared in a pop video for a chap called Gordon Haskell. I believe he had had a surprise Xmas hit. This was an unsurprising flop. I am playing half a gay couple and am wearing an obscenely tight purple t-shirt (to my shame, actor’s own). I have NEVER shown this to anyone:

    Not my best work, I hasten to add…

    • WOW!!! You are the shorter guy ? ? ?

      The song is great and I think you are fabulous ! ! !

      But Bish you must not tease me ! ! ! I am not famous at all ! ! ! I am just a stupid promotion girl doing a stupid job.

      • Yep, that’s me! Over-acting as if my life depended on it… I’m not teasing – well, only affectionately! You look very relaxed on camera.

      • Bish – you are not over acting ! ! !

        I think you are great! ! ! !

        I am comfortable with working with the camera and crew and lights and stuff. I worked from 18 years old to like 20 years old as a gravure model when I first arrived in Tokyo while I was studying at university to make some money, and so I got used to the camera and crew and lights and everything and so when I started to do promotion work it was not a problem for me.

        But please do not tease me ! ! !

  3. I am pretty sure I do nothing much worthwhile in my spare time! If there is a youtube out there with me in it it is this, but I can’t find myself in it. It’s dubbed into Italian

    I am coming over the tracks in the back of one of the refugee trucks. On the station platform and at the crossing right as the accident happens. I saw it on the tape right after it was released by slowing it down to frame by frame!

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