It’s probably quite safe to reveal this now, there is amongst us a spiller who’s initials are TCM who has provided a most valuable service to several of us non-UK residents for quite a while. This will probably come as a surprise to most of you but he’s set up proxy accounts to Spotify for several spillers who otherwise wouldn’t have access to it, I was one of those. I’ve had access to Spotty since it’s inception and it’s been wonderful but not without fairly regular problems that TCM has had to deal with for each of us, So from me and all other non UK spotty/spillers, a huge round of applause and many many thanks.
I’ve used Spotty constantly to check artists that you guys have posted or have referred to and also as a source for songs I didn’t have but needed.
Well yesterday Spotify finally opened shop in the US and it was an identical opening to the UK one some time back, there was an invitation to apply for ‘membership’ to the free service so I acted fairly smartly and this morning was accepted; now I’m a fully fledged US member of Spotify and I can tell you that it’s quite different, before I was always a bit nervous that someone was always looking over my shoulder so I was cautious in my usage, today I logged on to my new account, did a search or two just to test it and everything seemed to be OK so I did a search for ‘Richard Wagner’ and Spotty came up with an endless page of various versions of everything he’d ever written; I spent the rest of the day on headphones with Spotty on a Wagner shuffle, a wonderful day and the first time I’ve ever sat in front of my computer for about 10 hours straight.
It prompted my to think about the possibilities of having that fed to my stereo system in the living room with is in turn piped into every room in the house so I did a bit of research and discovered that some modern stereo receivers come with the capability of receiving Spotify directly and feeding it to your speakers, one such is the Onkyo TX-NR 709 which is well within my price range so guess what, there’s another stereo re-wiring project in the offing. Here’s just a small taste of some of the Wagner I was enjoying so much.

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