Raymund Rogers 1958 – 2011

Further to Amy’s “art” post last week. I have always wanted to share my love for my good friend Raymund Rogers’ talent. And I’d been leaving it ’cause, as you know, there’s always time for these things. Well, carpe diem my friends, seems that time’s been doing an awful lot of catching up on us recently. Ray died a couple of weeks ago and I never got round to it. I have no idea how good Ray was as an artist. Pretty good, I reckon, but I’m not qualified to say. As a person: the best. Always willing to forgive my pathetic attempts to keep in touch and at the ready with a bed and hospitality in his charming little cottage in Boscastle. The only true childhood friend who made it into middle age still as a friend. It’s hard to reconcile his death from cancer of the colon with his lifestyle – Ray was a vegetarian, clean living, generous spirit who put a lot more into this world than he took away with him. I’ll miss him. Here are a few of his paintings. Rest in peace, my friend.

Joining the Girls

Stepping Stones

To The Sea

Boscastle Icicles

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31 thoughts on “Raymund Rogers 1958 – 2011

  1. Maki, I’ve just caught up with this as I’ve been away. The pictures are beautiful – Boscastle is a wonderful part of the country and the quality of light in Cornwall is something else. It seems to have been a week of losses but again, a life well spent and a talent used to the full. Please accept my condolences.

  2. He’s a good artist if people loved his work. He looks pretty talented to me. I especially love the color in the first one. Condolences and sorry for your loss.

  3. Beautiful pictures, beautiful post, Maki. Between you and Ali, you’ve got me too moved to say anything intelligent, so I’ll just say that I’m thinking of you and leave it at that.

    • Couldn’t have put it better, steen.

      My condolences too, Maki. And I really love the first three pics (the Icicles are a bit too impressionist for me). Definitely a talent lost to us now.

  4. Dearest Maki

    I am so sorry for the loss of your friend. I love his paintings! They are really so evocative of summer holidays (well not the ice one of course!) and I hope when you see them they can be of comfort to you.

    “generous spirit who put a lot more into this world than he took away with him.”

    That is a great thing to be able to say about anyone and the world would be better if we could say it about everyone.


    Sakura xx

  5. Maki – can’t add much to what’s very eloquently been said above. My condolences to you and, judging by these examples, he was a fantastic artist.

  6. Thank you everyone.
    Just a little more about Ray. As many of you will know, Boscastle was ravaged by a flash flood some years back. If any of you saw the documentary that they did, Ray was the photographer/artist who organised the fund raising calendar they did.
    (There seem to have been a few visits from beyond the ‘Spill – if Tina or any other member of Ray’s family are wondering who “makinavaja” is, I’m Andrew – Mike and Bernie from Saltburn’s eldest)

  7. Hi Maki,
    I loved your description of Raymund……’he put a lot more into this world than he took away with him’ that’s so true, and so beautiful!
    I spent a day with him three weeks before he died (we’d been friends for ten years…not as long as you!). He had colon cancer, and a stoma, which he called his ‘farty-bag’ and after that lovely day we had at his cottage there were just two more letters before he died. His last letter said that he was going to stop using his morphine patches because they made him so tired and sick, and he couldn’t finish his paintings of the churchyard. Well God bless him, he was so very special, and we’re both lucky to have known him.


    • Hi Linda

      I hadn’t seen Ray for ages. We’d exchanged messages via Tina and my parents who were in much more regular touch. (I’ve been in Spain for nearly twenty years, don’t get back to the UK that often and am very bad at keeping in touch with people). Thank you for finding this and for commenting here.

      We were both very lucky to have known Ray, you are very right about that.

  8. Hi, thanks for replying Maki,
    it’s good to ‘speak’ to an old friend of Raymund’s. I’m not in contact with anyone else that knew him, and it’s feeling very painful at present!
    I have a cd of Raymund singing with his pub mates……just one song, with Raymund singing solo on the last verse. He played it for me when we last met and said it was for the funeral……there were copies at the back of the church on the day for people to buy, as a contribution to the church fund. Let me know if you’d like a copy anytime, but maybe you already have it from the family. I can honestly say that I’d never seen him looking so well on the day I spent with him (just over three weeks before he died). We went for lunch in the village, and up to the church, where we had a long talk, and I was so shocked that he died so soon afterwards.


    • Hi Linda

      My parents have a copy of the cd for me, thank you. The last stage of these cancers – the swan song remission stage is so desperately cruel, isn’t it? It’s not that you get your hopes up it’s just that the end seems to hit harder because it seems, momentarily, to be further away.

      If it helps to talk here then I’m glad I posted this. Ray’s prosaic and pragmatic “It’s for the funeral” comment rings very true. A guy with dreams and an unbelievably creative mind who yet managed to be so incongruently down to earth!

    • Thanks Andrew!
      I’m in Boscastle at the moment, trying to ‘pack up’ his life. Please say hello to your parents and the rest of the family! I recall many happy childhood holidays in or near Saltburn!!,
      btw just for the record, it was cancer of the colon, not a brain tumor,
      Jane xx
      Linda, I expect you are somewhere in my brother’s address book!
      Anne: He is probably having a ‘debate’ with my dad already! xx

      • Hi Jane, Hope I have this right, I have only found out that Raymund has passed on, it is such a huge loss. I first met Raymund back in 87 at his exhibition in Dover Street and bought two of his pictures. Over the following years we had a good friendship and I visited Marine Terrace on numerous occasions. I found that I continued to buy his art and have about 25 pictures. Over the last 10 years we had slowly had less contact with each other but when we did meet up it he was always fun and was always full of life. As has already been said he put more into the world than he took away with him. His legacy will be his painting and his pictures which will endure long after we are gone. Kevin

      • Hello Kevin,
        First of all ‘thank you’ for being one of the people who, by buying Raymund’s paintings, helped to enable him to live as an artist.
        It would have been his birthday today, and I am still struggling to come to terms with his far to early departure from this life.
        My husband and I, did the LONG journey from Argyll to Boscastle last week to clear his home. With snow going down and gales coming back it was not the best time to be doing this, but his remaining paintings are now safe and home with me, although many are, sadly, unfinished.
        I think I have found you in Raymund’s ‘dis-organiser/address book’ but the phone number is not up to date.
        My e mail is jane-e-turner@ hotmail.com, should you wish to get in touch.

    • Hello Linda

      I have only just found about Raymund’s death and was very sad to find that he had died so suddenly. He was so keen to finish his paintings of the Church. I also saw him in late May and like you, found him to be in good spirits and looking ( comparitively) well. We took a walk around the churchyard and had lunch at a cafe in the village and he played me the CD. I would love to get hold of a copy if you have a spare, I will send a contribtion to Minster Church anyway.
      Like you I didn’t know Raymund’s friends or family so if you would like to get in touch please write to me lynne@winebrand.co.uk

  9. So lovely to hear such kind things said about my cousin Ray who I rarely saw but always waited with interest for my mothers christmas card to drop on the mat with the latest painting on it. He was truly blessed with talent and I have found childhood memories of a gentle cousin I am sure he is at peace with his father, my uncle and our grandparents by his side to watch over him….. I have purchased one of his paintings to which I will always cherish…

  10. Hi Linda and Jane

    I was at work when I saw your comment, Linda, and was about to mail you, Jane (having just got home), when you replied.

    Tina will be in Saltburn with mum and dad in September.

    Love to you both


  11. thanks so much Maki, it’s good to be in contact with Jane, and I wouldn’t have known how to do it without your piece on Raymund in ‘The Spill’…….
    love Linda

  12. We too were very saddened to find out abourt Raymund’s untimely passing. We first bought one of his paintings in the early nineties, bought more,and met him at his gallery shows in London and called in to his home. We always looked forward to his annual Xmas card . Our curiosity this year led to our finding the sad news through this website. He will be greatly missed.

  13. So sorry to hear of Raymond’s death. We have bought several of his paintings over the years from galleries or from his home in Boscastle. One of the first paintings we bought from him was of Venice and he brought it round to the house to help us put it up on the wall. A lovely man.

  14. I was very sorry to hear this. I bought quite a few ofbhisnpaintings in the late 80s and recently found them again. I have hung them in my house and out of curiousity Googled his name to hear this shocking news. My condolences to his family and friends .He was very popular with a lot of people I knew at that time.

  15. I would like to add my condolences and thoughts to this site in memory of a dear friend. I knew Raymund from the time he moved to Boscastle. He was one of the most sincere people I have ever known. I am sure he touched the lives of many people with his kindly nature and through his painted expressions of life.

    I have portraits of both my daughters and we also have in the family another large painting of my granddaughter in the “Bluebell Wood” -Valency Valley which remind us all of Raymund and his great talent as a painter. My daughter and son in law feel very honoured to also have one of his last unfinished paintings of another absent friend + family member, A very moving painting for all the family.

    Many Thanks to Raymund’s family.

    We will always remember him.

  16. I wonder, ” COLON CLEANSE” which aspect of this topic is close to your heart. The admiration of artistic talent? Respect for an altruistic lifestyle?
    Consideration for those who feel a deep sense of loss must be a long way from your heart. What took Raymund from this life far too soon, is mentioned in this thread. Posting under such a user name is in my humble opinion, in very poor taste indeed.

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