Carole’s Christmas Quiz

Jeez, I know I've heard this somewhere!

OK, it is a standard music quiz. Ten tracks, I want the artist and the track name, that is 20 answers there, each one worth a nice shiny special Christmas Spill Point.

Prizes? You want PRIZES!!!!!!

No prizes, just the warm fuzzy happy feeling you’ll have from getting these right.

I’ll keep an eye on the responses and post the answers on Christmas Eve.

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10 thoughts on “Carole’s Christmas Quiz

  1. Well, #3 is ‘Hello Mary Lou’, but I have no idea whose version. Guitar playing on #4 sounds terribly familiar but my mind’s gone blank. #7 sounds a bit like Doctor John. System doesn’t seem to like #8…

    Oooh, I know this one! #10 is Roy Harper, ‘Highway Blues’! Yes!

    Otherwise haven’t the foggiest, but enjoyed listening.

  2. Could I please sign up for the warm happy fuzzy feeling even if I don’t know any of the answers?

    I’m consoling myself that I’d know #8, which is refusing to play for me.

    Agree with Herr Hachi on ‘Hello Mary Lou’, and I’m guessing New Riders of the Purple Sage (a CaroleB band)!

    Are you still commuting to Denmark? How about a tiny detour via Hamburg one week????

    Merry Week before Christmas!

  3. 1. She’s A Mover – Big Star
    2. Hot Rod Lincoln – Commander Cody
    3. Hello Mary Lou – New Riders Of The Purple Sage
    4. Rock Me Baby – B.B. King ?
    5. Miss Ann – Johnny Winter
    6. Chicken Dog – Jon Spencer Blues Explosion
    7. Dr John ?
    8. Tobacco Road – The Blues Magoos
    9. Passing Through – Steamhammer
    10.Highway Blues – Roy Harper

  4. Woah!

    I thought that some of these would be quite tough, but kudos to Abahachi for #10 and for Abahachi and DebbyM for NRPS.

    Apart from that, magicman seems to have access to my music collection because he has it pretty much bang to rights.

    I thought that Steamhammer would fox people but clearly not.

    I obviously need to make my collection more obscure.

    Still #4 and #7 are still to play for.

    Debby – not commuting to Denmark any more, my project ended at the end of November. Otherwise a visit to Hamburg would have been lovely.

  5. Carole,

    Is that Paul Rodgers singing on No.4?

    In which case, my guess is it’s either from his Muddy Waters tribute album, or from one of the two albums he did as The Firm with Jimmy Page.

    I’ve got all three of those, but can’t check until I get home after the weekend.

  6. No.7 sounds like the B-side to the single of the theme to BBC’s Film ?? from back in the Barry Norman days!

    But borrowed internet connection now giving up on me, so time for bed.

  7. Here are the answers;

    1 Big Star – She’s A Mover
    2 Commander Cody – Hot Rod Lincoln
    3 NRPS – Hello Mary Lou
    4 obin Trower – Rock Me Baby
    5 Johnny Winter – Miss Ann
    6 Jon Spencer Blues Explosion – Chicken Dog
    7 Booker T and the MGs – My Sweet Potato
    8 The Blue Magoos – Tobacco Road
    9 Steamhammer – Passin’ Through
    10 Roy Harper – Highway Blues

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