resolution revolutions

1 The New Year Azure Ray
2 New Years Asobi Seksu
3 Will You Please Spend New Year’s Eve With Me? Allo, Darlin’
4 All The Luck In The World Monta
5 Welcome To The New Year… Ballboy

1 lets make hell tonight Real Tuesday Weld
2 What Are You Doing New Year’s Eve? // Mangini Vs. Pallin Mix Ella Fitzgerald
3 New Year Kissaway Trail
4 New Year’s Kiss Casiotone For The Painfully Alone
5 Crank Resolutions Meursault

End of the Christmas week qs

So here’s some Christmas aftermath questions:

1.  What is the best Christmas present you received this year?  Result of Boxing Day Test Match is a valid answer, but will be accepted one time only

2.  What is the wackiest, craziest or wickedest Christmas present that you have ever given or received?

3.  Do you have any ‘traditional’ presents, given every year?  Do you get a tea towel from Aunt Hortense every year?  Does it drive you bolo or make you laugh?

4.  How old are your Christmas decorations?  Tell the truth.

5.  Brussels sprouts are for life, not just for Christmas.  Discuss.

Missing Again!: There will be HAVOK

Barmy Army – Toes Tapping
Mark Stewart – The Lunatics Are Taking Over The Asylum
Jessca Hoop – Havoc In Heaven
Scraping Foetus Off The Wheel – Satan Place
Killing Joke – Asteroid

Shining – The Madness & The Damage Done, Pt. 1
Shitmat – Theme From The 1998 Morris Dancer Massacre
Stump – Kitchen Table
Ukrainians – Anarkhiya
Bim Sherman – Nightmare

Tight Pants

Ron Asheton (The Stooges): Nico stayed a long time, about three months. Iggy never said if he was in love with her or not. But I remember after she left, Iggy came downstairs looking for some advice. He came up to me and said, “Well, I, I think something’s wrong, maybe you can tell me what this is?” So he whips out his cock, squeezes it, and green goo comes out. I said, “Buddy, you got the clap.” Nico gave Iggy his first dose of the clap.

1. “Search & Destroy” 2. “Tight Pants”

‘spill HAVOC.

I spottied- I read your comments – I delighted in dropbox – I put a Stones Mash-up in my other list – I ignored who suggested what. This is the best I could do.
Hope you Enjoy:

[Audio,,,, 1 Killerman Gold Posse John French, Fred Frith, Henry Kaiser & Richard Thompson
2 Sex & Mayhem Devastations
3 Triptych: Prayer / Protest / Peace Max Roach
4 Red Sea, Black Sea Shearwater
5 Atari Teenage Riot Atari Teenage Riot

1 Chaos Engine Pinback
2 Last Time Around Del-Vetts
3 Armageddon Days The The
4 Tonite Is A Special Night (Chaos Mass Confusion Mix) Tricky Vs. The Gravediggaz
5 I Predict A Riot Kaiser Chiefs

He we go with some saneshane Havoc picking.. the “Killerman Gold Posse” kick us off with a delightful number everyone seems to have fun with, French Frith Kaiser Thompson, a supergroup of sorts, joyfully chanting along in childlike happiness and Robin Hood philosophy.

On with some Uhh, sex and mayhem….”When you buried my head….In your child-baring hips…And you splintered my bones, ..And rattled my teeth” It’s more fun to listen to than read about… pretty much like the real thing…..I’m told.

”Triptych; Prayer/Peace/Protest” is introduced by Roach’s signature drum moves, an eerie operatic vocal of oppressed angst-emoting, a 5/4 beat from the percussionist and bizarrely written for interpretive dance – if that hasn’t put you off – you could have a listen to a most beautiful and frighteningly interesting pivotal work in the early-’60s African-American protest movement. Stunning.

Detailed, reflective songwriting in contemporary indie is more my thang and Shearwater put the Red Sea, Black Sea in a bottle – let it settle and then Shake it about vigorously – resulting in a large amount of alternative pop sprayed about my room.

Digital hardcore founders Atari Teenage Riot were an attack on the increasingly neo-nazi influenced German techno scene back in 1992 – this is -to a 90’s teenager – what Max Roach was to the 60’s… pick your generation granddad.

A chaos engine is a home computer that develops complex song structure while maintaining indie pop sensibilities and obviously works perfectly for Pinback (I may have made that up) lovely track.

Del-Vetts created dirty rock back when Garage was a million bands taking a bit of fuzz & trying to fry the world with it (thanks Fintan), the song gets picked more for the DIY ethic of its ‘let’s form a band and release a single’ creating musical nuggets havoc, than the splendidly retro rock. ACE.

The The cause mayhem by being impossible to find in a search engine. Armageddon Days was written during the 1980’s but is still poignant today as it’s geopolitical rants have continued to develop from the 80s through to the present time. Immense.

Tonite Is A Special Night is the perfect blend between Tricky’s trip-hop sound and the Gravediggaz horror-core style. Quite a coup for Tricky using Wu-Tang super-producer RZA at the height of his talent.

and I leave you with the Kaiser Chiefs perfecting their five year olds playground rhyming – it’s brilliant, grilliant and a little bit: not very sensible.

Never a Cross Word on the ‘Spill

This is from Chris!

Many of you do the Graun cryptic crossword, I believe, and so I’ve compiled one that has some connections with what goes on in this part of the blogosphere. I’ve used yesterday’s Graun grid (which can be found at this address: but created different clues, which I’ll post below.
I hope it will amuse, entertain and puzzle you. Some answers are very close to individual Spillers but I’ll leave you to discover which they are. This is my first attempt in decades but I rather enjoyed it so, if there is an audience, I may do it again (I have some clues ready…!). Please feed back any comments, groans and plaudits. I’ll supply the solution next year. Happy Holidays!

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MY Havoc

I didn’t have anything in mind when I set the subject.. but this would be some of MY suggestions … hope you enjoy, while I listen through your selections.. I wont justify these as I need to sleep now.. while I dream of ‘spill mayhem.
[Audio,,,, Rumpus Karen O and the Kids
2 Rolling Confusion Go Home Productions
3 Masochist Pendulum
4 Total Distorted Mayhem The Japanese Popstars
5 Boys From The County Hell The Pogues

1 Confusion (Koma & Bones Vocal Mix) New Order
2 Cease And Desist Brakes
3 Attack Music These New Puritans
4 From Here to Clare Godzilla Black
5 Bricks Tunng

Missing From The “A” List

Half Cousin – The Absentee
Curve – Missing Link
Department S – Is Vic There?
Mighty Wah! – Come Back
Get Well Soon – If This Head Is Missing I Have Gone Hunting

AC Marias – One Of Our Girls Has Gone Missing
Durutti Column – The Missing Boy
Coldplay – Warning Sign
Mountain Goats – Get Lonely
Tindersticks – Raindrops [live]

makes the HAVOC grow stronger

[Audio,,,, The World Is Gone Peter Thomas Sound Orchestra
2 Where Are You? Get Back Guinozzi
3 Where Were You in the Wild? Language-Arts
4 I Wonder Where My Sister’s Gone Anan
5 Absence of Light Maximum Balloon / Tunde Adebimpe

[Audio,,,, She’s Gone The Hidden Cameras
2 I Got Gone (ft. Sage Francis) Buddy Wakefield
3 Fashionably Lonely Viva Voce
4 Where Do The Nights Of Sleep Go To When They Do Not Come To Me Ballboy
5 where’s me jumper Sultans of Ping

So a theme: HAVOC should do us.
I like a bit of chaos and disruption and this is a good a time of year as any to sing about it.
So let’s go.
I don’t mind it being one line that evokes the spirit of it or the whole song.. just make it interesting for me to listen – odd twisted minds will prosper – but a normal very well known song, will do just fine, as long as it surprises me – enjoy.
(just spell out WHY for me- I’m a bit dim)

Francesco Tristano

Francesco Tristano is a classically trained pianist whose recent collaborations with Murcof and Carl Craig create fascinating soundscapes. His latest release, Idiosynkrasia, is an intriguing blend of the melodic and the rhythmic, far more sophisticated than the usual accompanist-meets-beats production. Tristano understands how to integrate the sound of his acoustic piano into an electronic environment, and yet still retains enough pure harmonic sense to keep the music compositionally compelling.

Here’s the title track from Tristano’s Soundcloud site.

Hope you all had a restful and enjoyable christmas, and best wishes for the New Year!

Bringing Back The Sun

So, Christmas is over, the weather is cold and wet, what do we have to look forward to now?

Oh yes! Of course, we can look forward to the return of the Sun and hot days and long balmy Summer evenings.

Anyway, to banish those Winter blues, here is some Sun-themed music to cheer everyone up.

01 Yes – Heart of the sunrise
02 Its A Beautiful Day – Hot summer day
03 David Gilmour – Fat old sun
04 Primal Scream – Higher than the sun
05 Bob Weir – Walk in the sunshine
06 The Flaming Lips – It’s summertime
07 Cocteau Twins – Frou-frou foxes in midsummer fires
08 Bjork – Sun in my mouth
09 Love – Bummer in the summer
10 Kate Bush – Sunset
11 Dead Can Dance – Black sun
12 Jimi Hendrix – Long hot summer night


I mentioned here recently how I enjoyed the way iTunes stacks your music so that you can search by title or artist or album; I usually keep mine organized by title and it’s always a pleasant surprise when I come across the same title by multiple artists that I’d forgotten that I owned. I recently noticed this set whilst looking for something totally different, it’s four versions of the same song and I was amazed by how differently each artist handled it and by the backing in each case. The song is ‘Cold Cold Heart’, it was written by Hank Williams in 1951 and reached number one on the country music singles charts. Over the years it’s been covered many times by a variety of artists and the four that I’ve accumulated are; Aretha Franklin [early 60's], Norah Jones [2002], Dinah Washington [1951] and I’ve included the original version by Hank Williams just to show what a great cover can do. They play in the following order:
1. Aretha.
2. Norah.
3. Dinah.
4. Hank.

Christmas in Oz

Not quite sure why I want to post this. You’re probably thinking “enough already!” after all the Christmas music you’ve heard in the run up to it all. But I always like to give a bit of support to anyone who’s reaching for honesty in their music. No idea who this guy is (apart from what Google told me) but something about this particular song said ‘share it’. So here it is.

Festive ‘Spill, 2010 – The Ones

CHRISTMAS AT RAWLINSON END. part one – part two – part three – part 4, Boxing day.

If you need to take a break from all those lists and that’s a possibility, given there was over 61/2 hours of tunes there yesterday, try this, a bit of very traditional Goon/Python type Christmas humor.

Writing for fun and profit …

How do you actually spell “aesafarae“? Is that right? It’s not a term I’ve really embraced for some reason. Anyway, that’s not the point. The point is, I want yours. Specifically, I want from each contributor who has the time to play -


No links or mp3s wanted, but I do want your best killer justification for your choice.

“Why, DsD?” I [hope I] hear you ask.

Well, because I have the answers to the ‘Future of RR’ questions some of you are anxiously posing to RobF over on the mothership.

I’ll explain later, but in the meantime I need to put together the aforementioned list of songs, and could also do with reminders (with examples) of why we have loved RR so much in the last five years.

Sorry to be a bit obtuse, and very rushed, but bear with me, and I’ll elucidate this evening.

Come on, bring on them RR A-list glaring omissions …

My Favourite This Year

As I “missed the bus” for the threes, twos and ones selections, I thought I’d post my favourite sound of the year (just to be self indulgent). I was never a great Kinks fan, apart from certain tracks which knocked my socks off.
Paloma Faith is my new fave!(Well, one of) She’s restored my faith (no pun) in the younger music generation.
Amy MacDonald does a good job too on “Dead End Street” on this album.

Festive ‘Spill, 2010 – The Twos

Panther’s Top 10 of ’10 – Part 4

OK, here’s my number one:

Liars – Sisterworld

I’ve been listening to New York-by-way-of-Australia indie-weirdos Liars nearly as long as their downstairs neighbours have! I bought a copy of their first album (“They Threw Us All In A Trench And Put A Monument On Top”) on import vinyl before it had a UK release, mainly because it was on Gern Blandsten records and had a nice cover and I got to see them on an early tour at the Freebutt in Brighton shortly after. Since then i’ve followed each subsequent move with eagerness, reverence and not a little bewilderment as they swung unevenly between the NY punk-funk of the first album to the weirdy-witchiness of the second “They Were Wrong, So We Drowned”), to the fragile beauty of “Drums Not Dead”, to last years more conventional “Liars”.
“Sisterworld” brings together pretty much every element of each of their previous albums and yet manages to sound complete and organised rather than the schizophrenic mess you might expect. It’s got upbeat-and-punky-but-weird-with-a-ridiculous-title; “Scarecrows On A Killer Slant” (in the player below), it’s got introspective dirges; “Proud Evolution” and it’s got conventional indie-rock top tunes; “The Overachievers”. In short, it’s the perfect amalgam of their innovative and eclectic career to date and it tops my end of year list easily.