Yet More Shameless Nepotism

Nothing at all to do with bikes, but a video from a recent live appearance by Trwbador, MrStepAbahachi’s band.

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6 thoughts on “Yet More Shameless Nepotism

  1. I like it when the beat kicks in for the chorus. Is it Mr StepAbahachi on the guitar? The singer looks very nervous, shit scared is the term I think.

  2. Yes, that’s him. I think this may have been their first gig, which would account for some of the terror – though she doesn’t exactly turn into Janis Joplin on the video they recorded in a front room of a cover of ‘Army Dreamers’…

  3. I’m all for shameless nepotism! I rather enjoyed this – do they sing in Welsh, too? (I’m asking that cos of the ‘w’ in the band name)

  4. They do indeed – though I think MsStepAbahachi is having to check their lyrics, as her Welsh is rather better than her brother’s. There’s a Welsh song on their (unspeakably hideous) myspace page, or on Facebook, and some in their first ep (no longer available for streaming, it seems).

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