Thanks Blimpy

I have written in the past about how I always liked the idea of The Fall but never really much liked the reality.

However, I have come round to see that the shambolic noise merchants fronted by professional Northern contrarian and all-round scary bloke, Mark E Smith, are the perfect antidote to the bland gloop that is much modern music and are a balm to the ears after having to endure a few moments of my life with the vile empty bombast that is Arcade Fire.

So, thank you Blimy McFlah for setting me on the true path

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8 thoughts on “Thanks Blimpy

  1. You are very welcome Carole!

    I have a theory that every music fan will eventually come round to the Fall; it took me approx 12 years of not liking them before things started making sense. Same with mushrooms and most recently olives. I bloody can’t get enough of olives these days.

    • I have to be very selective with the Fall – but glad they exist – as a band – not sure he sounds very pleasant as a person.

      as for olives the pregnant Ms. is eating the worlds supply – (well except Israels) – and hard boiled eggs!

      now I have a triple album by Fabio Orsi to sample before the next match!

  2. I was under the impression that I was the only person in the world who shrugged at Arcade Fire, very glad to find it not so.

    I’ve seen the Fall live. More years must pass until I can say I like them, although ‘Hit the North’ and ‘British People in Hot Weather’ are both quite fun.

  3. I’m another one indifferent to the charms of Arcade Fire. I don’t hate them, just “meh”.

    I like The Fall but I’ve been reading Mark E. Smith’s book and he really is an unpleasant bastard.

  4. i’ll join the not-particularly-impressed-with-the-Arcade-Fire gang and like most others i’m selective with my Fall “Theme From Sparta FC” is a great great song though!

  5. I fell in love with the Fall at about the point these two tracks came out, loved the next few singles (How I Wrote Elastic Man, Lie Dream of a Casino Soul etc,) and the next two albums (Grotesque, Slates). Saw them live in Cardiff student union sometime late ’80. Wasn’t that impressed with the next couple of albums, and gradually stopped listening to them. I still love and listen to the stuff listed above, but sort of feel I’ve ‘got’ the Fall & don’t need to be a completist about them.

    Carole – if you like these two tracks a trawl through ‘Grotesque’ and ‘Slates’ should please you.

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