I’m in a Rock ‘n’ Roll Band! on BBC2

Or more accurately, NOT on BBC2.

Not on because the bloody crap snooker has overrun and they have carried on showing two dull bores hitting little coloured balls with sticks.

I really hate snooker, it isn’t a sport, it is a game played in pubs and clubs.

It is symptomatic of the BBC attitude to anything to do with music that the music will lose out to some other sh*t.

I have complained to the BBC but I already know what they will say; “snooker is popular, people will have wanted to see the end of the match, blah blah blah”.

Well, not everyone wants to see the end of the match, or even the start of the f**king match for that matter.

Stick the snooker on BBC3, no one watches BBC3 anyway.

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11 thoughts on “I’m in a Rock ‘n’ Roll Band! on BBC2

  1. I’ve often wondered, with all the channels BBC has, why isn’t one devoted primarily to sport? Unless I misunderstand and some people can’t get BBC2 or BBC3, why not make sport a priority on BBC2 and entertainment and culture on BBC3? News and current affairs on BBC1. Or something along those lines. Not only would that eliminate conflicts over what should go where, but it would open airtime for other programming. Hole in the schedule? Point a camera at some rugby game and let it roll. Point another one at some regional theatre play and let it roll. Everything doesn’t have to get the full-on big ticket production presented by a ‘name.’ And don’t be afraid to repeat the good stuff – not everyone has ‘on demand’ or wants to watch on a PC.
    If they use low budget stuff to replace good stuff, I’d not be happy. So that would need watching. But if I was a theatre buff, I’d rather watch regional theatre on a fixed camera than a snooker match. (Or yet more Top Gear, which should have been sold or licenced to a commercial network years ago)

  2. When did the music show finally start last night (if indeed it did)? I ended up going to bed rather than carrying on flicking miserably past the snooker…

  3. Carol. I completely agree about snooker and darts. And how about the silly trousers contest, otherwise known as golf?
    If I have trouble sleeping I put the snooker on

  4. Tinny: Be wary of what you ask for, you might get it and then you’d be as good as us! I just did a quick scan of my satellite dish options and saw 14 channels devoted to the NFL, 14 more for NBA, 13 general purpose sports channels, ESPN has 7 channels and then there’s all the individual channels, golf, tennis, fishing, bowling etc. I’ve never watched any of them though they’re available so I can’t comment on the standards; CBS, NBC and ABC all have serious sports coverage. Be wary!

  5. To me that sounds great anonymous. If there are enough people into fishing and enough advertisers to support a fishing channel, why not? If you don’t like fishing, don’t watch or block it. And if the fishing tournament goes into extra casts or whatever, it isn’t going to run over into news. So thats precisely the concept I’m talking about.
    In fact it supports another pet theory of mine because those specialty channels are subscription channels (whether you pay individually or as a package).
    In the UK you have to pay for SkySports, and so it should be. If you’re into sports enough to pay for it, go for it.
    The BBC is free and argues that a number of events are ‘in the public interest’ and should be broadcast for free. Which is fine, and they do. But its gone too far, which robs lucrative advertising earners from pay-for TV and thus makes them less competitive by forcing up their subscription rates (this is a principled argument, irrespective that it would also benefit Mr Murdoch).
    England playing France in Six Nations Rugby – sure, broadcast it free. Wimbledon finals – fine. England World Cup games, fine. Other World Cup games, not fine. FA Cup, Carling Cup, European championships or anything else involved club teams, no. Snooker, darts, etc – no. The British Open, yes. Olympics, of course (because it is Britain the team entered). By the same principle, US Open tennis or golf no even if a British individual is doing well.
    On the cultural side, Canada has a channel called Bravo which came with basic cable which often had great shows which would never attract a wide enough audience to be commercially viable on their own yet had cultural value. Thats the only time event coverage should be subsidized by other views or the government, in my view.

  6. Tinny: I’m anon, don’t know why it doesn’t continue to recognise me. I’m possibly the world’s least interested in sports male, so I don’t have much to add here. BBC america did the six nations so I watched a couple of those just to be patriotic but I didn’t understand any of what I saw, I’ll watch Wimbledon, tour de france and 25 years ago I often watched the Lakers in the Kareem/Magic era but I’ve lost interest there. I’m intrigued with some aspects of football, ie the Americanisation of the game, way back when, if you played for Everton or Livepool you were usually born and raised within shouting distance of Anfield or Goodison, now it seems every team is bought on the international market; the game, the economics and the concept have changed dramatically as have the stadia. And then of course there’s the financial relationship ‘twixt the teams and the TV which then leads to pay per view and we’re back where we started.

  7. Hi Carole – it was stunningly obvious to a blind and deaf 95 year old that the snooker would overrun so WHY didnt they put the snooker on the red button on freeview ?
    They didnt even say it would be delayed until it was already an hour late!
    I cant believe the BBC would treat any other expensive flagship premiere like that but it belies their underlying attitude towards anyone under 65.
    ‘Did we get an effusive apology’? no. Did we get ‘we will show this tomorrow’? no
    I give up

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