Don’t Vote Cass McC0mbs
Do They Owe Jeffrey Lew!s
Move! Damian “Jr. G0ng” Mar1ey
Fellini For Prime Minister Ge0rge Pr!ng1e
The Unelected President Cra$$ (with sample of E.P. Thomson)

the Government Sau1 W!11!ams
Juggle Tings Proper R00ts Manuva
Vote Or Die M0dese1ekt0r
Path To Wisdom J!m!Ten0r / T0ny A11en
Baby, It’s Time to Vote Mad Tea Party

cd length playlist over there:

Elect This

P is for Panda Su

Panda Su is from Fife. She sings amazing songs of heartache and beauty, with a simple delivery that floors me every time. Sometimes she dresses up like a panda.

I played one of her tracks on an old podcast, and feel that the P slot in the A-Z of Scots music should really belong to her. She has one EP out, produced by Steve Mason no less, and it’s truly fab.

Have a listen to “Eric Is Dead”

Click here for her website, and to buy the EP. and there’s more after the jump if you like what you’ve heard.

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1-2, 1-2 this is just a test…

It’s “Golden Week” over in Japan for the next 5 days or so, which means afternoons off for me and lovely sunshine, so what better way to spend these precious hours than sitting alone in a cramped flat trying to get my noggin around this new WordPress business.

I’m using Maki’s extremely clear guide, but nothing is beyond my complete technical inadequacy, so I hope it works.

The track is all-new Pocahaunted and is the title track from their latest opus.

**Edit** Thanks Shane, it worked! BTW, I spent a few days in the historic city of Kyoto a while ago, home to a huge number of historical, cultural and architectural treasures, many of which are official World Heritage Sites…..this was the only photo I came back with….

**Another Edit**

In case anyone is wondering what Ejay is talking about, I give you…..the Golden Turd! That’s art folks!

EOTWQs still have the mic on

1. Sometimes I have very realistic dreams where I’m a character in a tv show that i’ve been watching a lot of (very convincing scripting too, it’s always great to get that extra unique episode) but if you had to live in a TV show for a month, which one would it be, and why?

2. My wife always stops me from buying hideous and grim things for the house (crows, stinky african masks with real hair on, bizarre scary wooden horses) but what thing have you managed to sneak in, against much opposition – or what item of homeware used to freak you out a bit when you were a child?

3. Two legs up and two legs down, soft in the middle and hard all around. Mini McF now knows all the answers to them but do you have a favourite riddle, (that you may well torment youngsters with)?

4. Gordon Brown got caught on the mic, with him rightly calling a voter “bigoted”, but have you ever had one of those “he’s behind me, isn’t me moments?” – My colleague and I did manage to refer to a client as “barking mad” over an internet broadcast, realising he was listening just seconds later….

5. Any small ways in which you stick it to “the man”?

Luckily, none of us get distracted

I found this great kids’ site called Soup Toys, and its genius. You get a free little app that lets you choose from thousands of playsets or create your own.

The toys spill out on your screen and you ‘play’ with them as you would in real life – balls bounce and make ball bouncing sounds, etc.

It’s a community-based endeavour, so people create and upload new toysets all the time.  There’s now 24018 of ‘em, and it really is ace. If you can stop playing with it yourself long enough, your kids will love it!

Sadly, no Mac version yet.

Terry Reid’s “River”

I’ve mentioned this album before and posted a track or two because it is a huge favourite of mine, ever since I saw Terry performing tracks from it on the Old Grey Whistle Test when it was first released.

Terry Reid is a British R ‘n’ B singer, who first came to prominence when he was in his teens and a member of Peter Jay’s Jaywalkers. Terry ended up signing with Mickie Most, the 60s and 70s pop Svengali who managed a lot of chart acts and he wanted Terry to fit into a pop balladeer mould. Terry however, had other plans. He gigged around the circuit and supported a lot of big names, including Cream, Jethro Tull and Fleetwood Mac.

He was Jimmy Page‘s first choice for the singing spot in his then unnamed new band, which he was putting together after the final demise of The Yardbirds. Terry was already busy with other things and suggested that Jimmy check out the then unknown Robert Plant.

The rest, as they say, is history.

Anyway, Terry’s career carried on and in 1973 he recorded an album that is surely one of the lost classics of 1970s rock, River.

The album was produced by Eddie Offord and, in addition to Reid himself on vocals and guitar, featured the talents of the great David Lindley on guitar, pedal steel and slide, Lee Miles on bass, Conrad Isidore on drums and Willie Bobo on percussion . Acclaimed by the critics, the album bombed.

I really don’t understand why, myself. It has a fantastic lazy, laid back vibe, with flourishes that are reminiscent of Tim Buckley and Van Morrison and is perfect Summer music. At a time when the likes of Seals and Crofts, The Eagles and Jackson Browne were all selling bucketloads of albums, River should have been another platinum smash.

Anyway, here is the title track of the album, judge for yourselves.

The following video is Terry live at the 1971 Glastonbury Fayre, performing a loose early version of “Dean“, the opening track from River. Notice Linda Lewis on “backing vocals”.

I love this clip, the festival back then was a completely different beast to the modern, corporate rock, festival. I love the woman in a pink smock dancing at around 3 minutes into the clip. The two old ladies wandering through the crowd at about 4:50 are a bit of a surprise!

As Bob Harris must have said all those years ago;

“Mmmmmmmmmm. Nice!”

Album Of The Month – April

Soft Options

Hard Choices

Earworms – Apr 27

You may have heard a little Todd over the years, but if you haven’t heard this you haven’t started.  It’s been his encore song for as long as I can remember (mid-70s) and is the perfect rallying call for the optimistic at heart. Pure pop genius. - Magicman

A haunting traditional medieval ballad sung acapella. She also plays the mouth bow which is common in Senegal. I discovered her on a 6 degrees CD, From Senegal to Setsesdal, which was mostly a combination of Senegal and Norwegian musicians. - goneforeign

There’s something kinda oooh about Dessa, and nothing wrong with that.  A spoken word poet, author and MC from the Doomtree Hip-Hop Collective in Minneapolis, she’s just released her first full-length album, A Badly Broken Code. You really want to like the whole idea of poetry, light hip hop, cheerful Girls Aloud choruses and woodwind tricks, but a promise to make, promise to make is to give the words more bite next time.     - tin

French hip-hop with an infectious, soul-style English hook.  I have been singing it all week, despite not being any kind of a hip-hop fan. The whole thing is a bit serendipitous; I only heard of the band through the publicity for a local festival later in the summer, which I am now pretty certain to attend.     - WilliamsBach

I’ve been reviewing Steve Mason’s new album, so what have I had in my head every hour of every day? Dry The Rain! The bonkersness of the lyrics, the way it suddenly swooshes open, like the sun breaking through storm clouds, making every leaf and pebble look so much sharper…. I always think, how awful for Steve Mason that everyone bangs on about that song as though he’s never written anything to match it (and how much more awful that I’m one of those who thinks he hasn’t).     - Maddy

This popped up on my ski mix & I’ve listened to it every day since. It’s got it all –  love & lust, a lurk & a lark wrapped up in perfect ear candy.  I really like songs with semi spoken lines over a great musical bed  & this fits the bill.      - Fintan

This is from a compilation of original songs covered by Aretha Franklin, and I love how this sounds like it’s wrapped in cotton, the piano rolling almost as if it were underwater.      - eJay

All I know is something like a bird within her sang ….

A beautiful acoustic version of Bird Song by The Grateful Dead.

This is one of my favourite Dead songs and I love this version from The Radio City Music Hall concerts in 1980, which were released on the 1981 live album Reckoning which I would urge anyone who is curious about the Dead to go and buy. Make sure you get the 2006 re-release because it has a second CD of bonus material, which contains some real gems.

Bird Song was written by Robert Hunter with music by Jerry and the song was dedicated to Janis Joplin.


Watching this very witty and well cut recap, I think I must have stopped watching Lost at the end of series 4, but this has brought it all back and I may well have to get stuck into the whole thing again (now I’ve finished all three series of Mad Men).

Has anyone kept with it all the way through? Or at which point did you bail out at?


This is just another test, though a bit more ambitious than my last efforts. Since I’d succeeded with Maki’s and Tin’s help in getting both an image and a tune up, I thought I’d try for a slide show. Irises are in full bloom right now and will be for another month, these are some from my garden and of course the vocal is by Ella, though she seems a bit slow to start. I was overcautious re. the image sizes, I could have made them larger so they’d fill the space.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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jonathan livingston – I presume.

“Don’t believe what your eyes are telling you. All they show is limitation. Look with your understanding, find out what you already know, and you’ll see the way to fly.”

Look A Bleached Coral Faced Crow With Jewels For Eyes Bearsu!t 2:40
In Hiding From The Crow Z0la Jesus 2:00
Blood Red Bird P0pul0us 4:26
Sad Song Of Birds M!nk Lungs 2:33
The Birds Will Sing For Us Ed Harc0urt 4:27
Dust Bird Baths The Ba1ky Mu1e 3:59
Sonnet No. 3 (Like A Duck) MC H0nky 4:24
Lindberghs + Metal Birds Wh!te H!nterland 3:44
Flamingo Kellar!ssa 2:54
Bluebird Swan Lake 3:10
Lark (Ruff and Jam Remix) Au Revo!r S!mone 3:47
Stone The Crows R00ts Manuva 3:22
Cuckoo Arch!e Br0ns0n 0utfit 4:11
Dead Duck Em!l!ana T0rr!n! 5:36
Forget The Swan D!n0saur Jr. 5:09
Hey Little Bird I Am Kl00t 2:47
The Way Of The Dodo The $treets 3:33
Window Bird $tars 4:44
Birds And The Bees The B!rd & The Bee 3:52
Colouring of Pigeons The Kn!fe 11:01

songs here


It was a very good year

Here’s my podcast!

1. I’m sorry! It’s extremely inarticulate and not well-explained, and I SWEAR my vocabulary is bigger than this!

2. I’m sorry, but it’s all hip hop, and I know that a) people who like hip hop will have heard everything in here b) people who don’t like hip hop won’t probably listen. But I ask that you give it a try. I only included about a minute of each song, so if you don’t like it, you don’t have long to wait. Gil Baily stylee! If anybody would like to hear the rest of any song, please let me know and I’ll drop it.

Indulge me (yet again)

Sorry folks, I’m wearing that Proud Mum cap again. A couple of you know that Sam (a.k.a. The Boy Wonder) played a gig at his school last week. It wasn’t much of a gig, 3 bands playing to an audience of  maybe 60 people, but I was impressed at how much Sam’s singing and playing has improved over the past year. He obviously enjoys playing his music on stage!

Somebody recorded their set and I’ve just been given a copy of the CD, so I thought I’d share one of their new songs with you (and see if Maki’s instructions work for me!) – I sense an Arctic Monkeys-meet-the-Raconteurs influence…

(For anyone who’s managed to avoid my posts so far – Sam, Robin, Nick & Lennie are THE BOX, four 14 year-olds writing their own songs, guitar, keyboard, bass, drums)

The picture shows Sam’s biggest fan, Miss Ellie, showing off her disco leggings!

if anyone can tincanman can

Metal Heart Cat Power
Metal to metal Pelle Carlberg
Metal Fingers Electric President
Metal Chix / Always On My Mind (Acapella) Skateboard Vs Erlend Øye
Metal Nouvelle Vague

Canned Laughter Half Cousin
Can Mull Historical Society
Canned Food Surf City
Two Tin Cans And A Length Of String Her Space Holiday
Hear It In The Cans We Have Band