RIP Kate McGarrigle

I consider myself very fortunate to have seen the McGarrigles in concert – just the once – in the late 80’s. A gentle performance of intimacy and simplicity. As is sometimes the way with these things, I probably didnt appreciate their performance at the time as much as I should have done. I grew to appreciate their fine music with time and I’m therefore very glad for my one chance to share in their musical company, whatever the circumstances.

The above is actually one of her sister Anna’s songs, but it captures their essence (as I remember it) as a duo and as two voices blending into one sweet and timeless sound. Its also a very poignant song at this time which is so touching, I feel it is right to choose it. I’d also like to dedicate this song to RockingMitch and to wish him well once more from us all.

Fat Cat Sampler

Yet more free music! This time from Fatcat Records out of Brighton and featuring perennial Spill favourites such as Nina Nastasia, We Were Promised Jetpacks, Frightened Rabbit etc..

Just have to sign up for a newsletter to get it:

Congratulations to an RR contributor!

Another prog band have had to replace their singer in the new year, Also Eden. Their new singer is none other than Rich Harding, sometime contributor to Readers Recommend under pseudonym of AfraidOfSunlight, the other person apart from me who continually nominated Marillion songs only to find Dorian never A-listed them:

Rich Harding has been singing live since 1985, fronting bands as diverse as The Allnight Chemists (space rock), Sane (prog) and Twisted (heavy metal). For the last few years he has also been performing with a number of successful Marillion “tribute” bands, in the UK and on the continent (Misplaced Neighbourhood, Lords of the Backstage and Skyline Drifters). His voice is very different to Huw’s – but he has power, energy and enthusiasm and we know he’s going to make a huge impact on the band’s sound this year.

I’m sure everyone on The ‘Spill will offer their congratulations!

Thank you, Mr. Jarmusch

Earl Bostic – Up There in Orbit

Screamin Jay Hawkins – I Put a Spell on You
TW – Jockey Full of Bourbon
TW – Tango Til They’re Sore
Little Junior’s Blue Flames – Mystery Train
Otis Redding – Pain in My Heart
Rufus Thomas – Memphis Train
The Bar-Kays – Soul FInger
TW – Back in the Good Old World
TW – Good Old World (Waltz)
TW – On the Other Side of the World
Willie Williams – Armagideon Time
RZA – Flying BIrds
RZA – Fast Shadow
RZA – Samurai Theme
The Tennors – Ride Your Donkey
Mulatu Astatke – Yekermo Sew
Tegelle Tezeta

Everybody knows I love the films of Jim Jarmusch. Well, a big part of that is the music that he picks. I’ve learned about a lot of music that’s very important to me now through his films. So I wanted to share a few. I’ve probably posted a lot of these before, but I like them all together. I added a few videos for context and because I don’t actually own Neil Young’s Dead Man soundtrack. And I don’t have anything from the new film, which seemed to be a lot of Sunn ((()))). Don’t really know how to spell that.

Anybody else have music they first met in a good movie?


It’s Martin Luther King day here in America. I can’t post Nina Simone every year, and for some reason this song just stuck in my head today when I was thinking about what the day means. Probably mostly for the line “A lot of things have changed, A lot of things have not.”

But it’s not just that. It contains a healthy dose of conspiracy theory paranoia, which I think fits.

But mostly it’s because I’m overwhelmed when I think MLK’s courage in the face of known danger – his sense of a bigger purpose.

All over the world hearts pound with the rhythm
Fear not of men because men must die
Mind over matter and soul before flesh
Angels for the pain keep a record in time
which is passin and runnin like a caravan freighter
The world is overrun with the wealthy and the wicked
But God is sufficient in disposin of affairs
Gunmen and stockholders try to merit your fear
But God is sufficient over plans they prepared

Well, I’m sure it’s not perfect for the occasion, but it’s what I’ve been thinking about today.

Did Anybody Mention Boy Bands?

I often have great difficulty knowing what to post on here. I don’t seem to own a single piece of music that isn’t already known to everybody else, whilst the majority of music I listen to comes from local bands playing live – not exactly conducive to posting on t’Spill. But when it comes to boy bands…
Boys2Rock play very loud guitar, are friends of friends, thoroughly nice guys and – after all those shredding chicks – welcome eye candy for the ‘Spill-ettes (sorry the pic is so very small, ladies). Their entire repertoire consists of motherfuckin’ boyband songs!
There are a couple of videos on youtube, but the quality is appalling, so I’ll just link you over to their myspace presence where you can listen to a medley; obviously it’s not comparable to seeing them live (especially when there’s good beer on tap).

WARNING: may contain mild peril

I’d better try and sleep now – I’ve been fighting with my computer for hours trying to put this up – everyone grab a pillow to cuddle.. it’s saneshanes not really that unsettling playlist.. all together now, squeeze my hand and press play:
1 Tunng :
We were playing in the lakes behind my folk place when I was eight years old. I was a good diver (but crap swimmer)
I went down deep and found a car.
Second dive I got to the windscreen and thought I saw something.
Third dive I picked out the wide eyed stares of the two occupants.
(the papers said they’d been having an affair and made a lovers pact to drive the car right in – they’d been missing three months according to my parents)
I could still draw their faces to this day 30 odd years later.
Pool Beneath The pond

2 Wild Beasts :
Dancing cock down by his knees – yikes indeed.
Two Dancers

3 De Rosa :
what do I quote – it all sounds sinister.. who have you got under the stairs? – enjoy!
Under The Stairs

4 Sister Suvi :
This reminds me of some great Goth tracks – don’t let them stumble through my bedroom door.. please.

5 Emiliana Torrini :
“a bottle of your blood inside me”
she purred I grrrrrrrrrrrreeeuuuuuuuuuurd.
(and inspired an entire blood playlist)
Beggar’s Prayer

6 The Organ:
I floated up to the ceiling and spied on the front house when I was a student.. when I came down I was laying in a bed of broken glass.. three days later the doctors had calmed my head with awful pills and I didn’t do any artwork for years.. I dislike those doctors to this day…
Oh What a Feeling
..and that takes us to:
7 Butcher Boy:
I couldn’t dream (or sleep) and bizarrely, not dreaming is my biggest nightmare.
When I’m Asleep

8 Buddy Wakefield :
(And really don’t like the word hate).
Healing Herman Hesse

9 Wolfgang Press:
I’ve got a thing about blood.. think it’s possibly quite useful, glad it’s about… but the smallest cut and I bleed like a fountain.. vampires love me.
Blood Satisfaction

it’s weird to start with, then gets a Board Of Canada Remix, if I was going for real unsettling I’d just play a Board Of Canada album… (I did used to go to sleep with them playing… but my dreams ended up too odd even for me)
Dead Dogs Two (Board Of Canada Remix)

11 Hector Zazou:
this is just lovely and stays just the right side of creepy atmospherics, if you get what I mean..
Symphony of Ghosts

12 The Accidental:
This is just stalkerish.. disguised as sweetness.
The lights on the stereo are darstardlies I’m sure.. their eyes glow.. they break your legs WHAT!
Knock Knock

13 Buddy Wakefield:
Nine generations back my grandmother was the first female Methodist preacher (or something – keep up.. it’s story time)
– this gives me flashbacks –
– why oh why did I do all the fire and brimstone
– all I wanted was the crack.
Fran Varian’s Grandmother

14 David Shane Smith:
Wait for 3 odd minutes in, just brilliantly angled.. nervous systems getting nervous right on.. on the edge of my seat eventually.

15 Pixies:
Did I mention the blood thing.. oddly sexy.
(you might have to turn it up…. BLOODY WELL TURN IT UP)

Heather Leaves Mostly Autumn

Heather Findlay

Sometimes a bombshell comes completely out of the blue.

As everyone on The Spill knows, I’m a huge fan of York progressive rock band Mostly Autumn. I’ve even managed to persuade CaroleBristol to see them on their last tour.

Late on Thursday night came the news that Heather Findlay is leaving the band to concentrate of a solo career. I’m still trying to come to terms with it. I’m completely devastated in a way people for whom music is background wallpaper or a once-a-year trip to an enormodome will never be able to understand, but I’m sure plenty of ‘Spill regulars who have been hardcore fans of any band will have been there.

I first saw Mostly Autumn live at Jillys in Manchester back in 2004, and have seem them 40-odd times since, 30 of those in the past three years. Their music has changed my life over the past few years in ways I could never have anticipated, and helped me through some difficult times in my life.

There’s just something uniquely magical about Mostly Autumn’s live shows; no other band is quite like it for me. Seeing another great band live is like visiting an exotic location on holiday, seeing Mostly Autumn feels like coming home. I’ve made so many great friends through Mostly Autumn fandom it feels like an extended family.

Although I’ve only met Heather a handful of times, she has always treated me like a personal friend.

Mostly Autumn are to continue, with their backing vocalist Olivia Sparnenn taking over on lead vocals. The knock on effect of that is that Olivia will be leaving her own band, Breathing Space, another great band I’ve seen almost as many times as Mostly Autumn, and who now face an uncertain future.

The absolutely electrifying live shows in 2009 meant Heather’s time with Mostly Autumn ended on a high. She will be playing one last farewell show with the band, at The Assembly in Leamington Spa on Good Friday, April 2nd. I’ve already got my ticket.

ToffeeBoy In Da Hood

I’m sure you all remember the jazz post I did last year and that you’ve all bookmarked the page so that you can refer back to it as and when you need to.


Well, nevermind. Here I give you the second episode of this occassional series which revels in the excitingly snappy title Regular ‘Spillers Post Music That You Wouldn’t Really Expect From Them, Knowing Their Musical Tastes A Bit As You Do*.

This time, I’m posting a few of my favourite rap/hip-hop … errr … favourites. I’m sure they’re all painfully mainstream for all the homeboys (and girls) who love this sort of stuff but what the hey. And for those who are unconvinced of the merits of rap/hip-hop (and if these are actually two different animals then I apologise) this could provide an easy way in. Or not. Who knows? Or, indeed, cares?

Say No Go
Fight The Power
Mr Wendal
Ms Jackson
Can I Kick It?
I Wish
Gravel Pit
Jump Around
Lose Yourself
Television, The Drug Of The Nation

* We came up with lots of ideas for similar themes last time out – none of which have materialised. Pull thy fingers out, please.

Whither The Space Age? aka Where’s My Jetpack, Eh?

Now, I would never normally consider re-posting anything from Vice Magazine’s Dos and Don’ts; it’s just that the accompanying description of this photo concurred with my lament that the Space Age I was promised in 2010 hasn’t really arrived. . .
If there’s one thing 2010 clears out, I hope it’s all the fake nostalgia for “e’ers longe gone” and wearing ratty compilation outfits that make you look like a time-travelling street urchin. Let’s make this the year humans finally start dressing our age.”

Chicks Who Shred: The Final!!!

So, bringing to an end, the very very exciting series that has been Chick Who Shred, it’s final time!
Facing off are The Breeders, who destroyed all who crossed them on the way through. A late underdog contender The Bangles, and not forgetting this year’s last minute wild card entry from Elastica (who I had unfairly forgotton about until now).
Which one is the best? Who shreds the hardest? Who is the most badass?

Who is your winner?

Golden Shred

Here’s my favorite (unsung) female shredder: Monica Queen

You Tube serves her very poorly at the moment. Perhaps a little more interest will change this. Some still remember her for lifting ‘Lazy Line Painter Jane’ (Belle and Sebastian) up to a higher level, but her band (Thrum) are now pretty much forgotten. Sad in my view.

She’s still out there, bless her. Not so shreddie, but just as good. The campaign to resurrect the career of Monica Queen (and Thrum) starts here. I wish.

Somebody to Love

Strangest thing. I have two obsessions at the moment…Tommy Johnson and Ken Parker. And they both have songs called Somebody to Love, or something close to that. I like how Johnson’s song breaks into something close to a yodel. And I just love Ken Parker. I guess it’s that falsetto thing connecting them as well.

I guess it’s not that strange. Wanting someone to love is a fairly common human need that finds it’s way into music fairly often.

CWS – Semi Final 2!! Nearly done!

For a chance to meet the frankly indestructable Breeders in the final of CWS, it’s the unlikely face-off between the Bangles and Bikini Kill – there’s some full on guitar action in both tunes; but which one is the best??

(and don’t worry, ‘spillers – this series is only one more post from being finished…)