I’ve just had my mind a bit stretched after a friend brought round a film called Primer to watch tonight. It was made for 7k, won Sundance in 2004 and has gained a very small cult following ever since (apparently).

It’s only 72 minutes long, is devilishly hard to follow, feels no need to explicate itself for the viewer’s benefit (a la The Wire, I suppose), deals with massively confusing physics and probably out-Darkoes Darko. Or to my frazzled brain at present it does, anyway.

Anyone seen it?


Testing 1,2,3

My first attempt at posting up links in the media player, so bear with me if it doesn’t work at first!
So, for my opening shot, I thought I’d share with you some of my favourite remixes of the last few years, all from artists who you perhaps wouldn’t expect to get the remix treatment, but whose reworkings have taken the tracks in question in a new and interesting direction.
First up is a band I must admit I hadn’t heard of before, The Rosebuds, whose Get Up Get Out is the sort of record that I ought to put on every single morning in a burst of “Hello birds! Hello trees!” enthusiasm. The fact that I don’t probably explains why I am such a grumpy bastard in the morning. The remix is done by Justin Vernon of Bon Iver, whose For Emma, Forever Ago was one of my favourite albums of last year.
Secondly, a psychedelic rock band from Perth, Australia, Tame Impala, whose Half Full Glass Of Wine is given the Drunken Rage Mix treatment by fellow Aussies, Canyons, producers making a bit of a stir in Balearic circles at the moment.
We’ve already had a bit of discussion about remixers-du-jour, Aeroplane, but for those that missed it, here is their relentless, driving take on Now ‘Til ’69 from The Shortwave Set’s ace Replica Sun Machine album of last year.
Bolton’s finest next; a song that is already very dear to my heart, Badly Drawn Boy’s The Shining, given a delicate, tinkling once-over by Bristol’s David Edwards aka Minotaur Shock, who, as well as much other remix work, has had an album, Maritime, out on 4AD.
I’ve noticed a few mentions of King Creosote on here, whilst perusing some older posts, but this you may not know, a superb remix of You’ve No Clue Do You? by London-based producers, Atlantic Conveyor.
Last up, another band that most of you will probably be familiar with, Midlake, whose already-brilliant Roscoe is, I feel, taken to a whole other level here by Justin Robertson, someone who has been a big influence on me musically from his pioneering clubs, Spice and Most Excellent in Manchester in the early nineties and has had considerable success with projects such as Lionrock.
Right. Fingers crossed. Press “Publish Post” and hope for the best…

Get Up Get Out
Half Full Glass Of Wine
Now ‘Til ’69
The Shining
You’ve No Clue Do You?


I’m so sleepy.. but some quick adaptions for BBeat..
if you can work on the HARMONIC.. I think the O should be a disc.. I like the way the doulble LL can be used as an H.
It wasn’t my first thought.. the H was going to be below.

And I do have your e-mail- but I like the way glasshalfempty has started it off in the open…
so we all should keep going like that.
(I’m shit at working with other people ..so this is all done through gritted teeth!!!)

so this is what i mean by squaring it up and using the wine glass foot print as the dot.
i then went doodlin’ it’s not how it should be.. but it’s not echoing other things: but the O in harmonic should be a record, I’ve come to that conclution.

all that would be too much for a label.. because it’s the band that matters (yeah right…says the designers)

so using the wine glass print the more subtle S.H. gets printed.
(this isn’t a good wine glass stain.. again doodling….. if you can put your one into the image.. that’d be great)
oh and a few songs..
back tomorrow with a proper playlist.

Earl Zinger it means a lot

Jonathan Goes Shopping

A quick post, this one, just to draw your attention to the surprisingly extensive canon of shopping-related works by Mr Jonathan Richman.

You’ll notice that Corner Store appears twice – this is not just because it’s the most shoppy song there ever was but also because there are two different versions – the first from Jonathan’s country album, the second just a plain old every day Jojo song.


I can’t abide shopping

This is from the first scene in The Big Lebowski – I was hoping someone would’ve put it on YT but nuh-huh.

Valerie – Richard Thompson
Bo Diddley – Buddy Holly and the Crickets
Merry Christmas From the Family – Robert Earl Keen
Only In The Past – the Be Good Tanyas

Pretty Paper – Roy Orbison

Trip to Sainsbury’s (etc) – the Cock and Bull Band

Don’t Vote, It’s Just For Fun!

As glasshalfempty said below, clearly shane’s yer man for the ‘Spill graphics, but, even as a bit of a Johnny-come-lately, I thought I’d take up the challenge and have a bash anyway, purely because I love doing it.

A combination of the red, white & black, the spill (red wine not paint!) and the apostrophe idea.

I’m editing the post as it develops as a work in progress. Thanks for the kind words, feedback and suggestions for improvement so far.

It’s The End Of The Week As We Know It …

… which in ‘Spill land means of course that it’s Wednesday and time for another EOTW quiz. I’ve been planning one of these for a while now so I hope it’s up to ‘Spill standard. Unfortunately my planned greatest personal sporting achievement question was shamelessly nicked by gordonimmel last week (I was a bit suspicious when that photographer started snapping away as I was leaving Toffee Hall last Tuesday evening and I realise now that my draft list of questions was partially visible through the transparent folder) – anyway I’ve had to do a bit of serious thinking but I think I’ve got some that you’ll enjoy.

1. Back in about 1987 or ’88 I lent a Gray Nichols cricket bat to a friend of a friend and have seen hide nor hair of it since (not that it had either). It wasn’t a particularly expensive item and I don’t think I got into double figures with it more than once, but I liked it and I’ve often thought that if I still had it, I’d probably be a top international cricketer by now. So, the first question is: What special item have you lent to someone and never got back?

2. Last week I went on a school trip to the British Museum and found myself face-to-face with the Rosetta Stone. I’ve know about it for years, and I’ve been interested in its significance and I’ve probably seen it many times before, but there was something about seeing it close up, in real life, as it were, that just blew me away. Question two is: What historically significant artefact has done the same for you? What is your personal Rosetta Stone?

3. I’ll come clean – I’m a bird watcher. I enjoy looking at small feathery things in my garden and, on occasion, I have been known to leave the confines of my own green space and venture forth into fields and farmland, binoculars and field book in hand. And I have to admit that I’m slightly embarrassed about it. It’s not cool – it’s certainly not rock’n’roll, never mind, punk, heavy metal or free jazz. But I bet you’ve all got some dark secret that you’re dying to get off your chest (no, tincanman, not that dark). So question three is: What’s your slightly embarrassing hobby?

4. There’s been a lot of discussion over on the Mother Ship this week about books – science fiction in particular – and it’s made me want to revisit some of those books that I read in the early/mid-70s. I know some people feel that once they’ve read a book, that’s it – they can’t or don’t want ever to go back. But not me – there’s nothing I like more than re-reading old familiar books (well, perhaps one or two things) and there’s one book in particular that I keep coming back to: and that book is Ridley Walker by Russell Hoban. It’s at the top of my desert island book list and if I was anal enough to have such a thing [What's that behind your back? Ed.] it would also be top of my most read books list. Question four is therefore: Which book have you read the most – and why should the rest of us read it?

5. About twenty years ago, I was driving back to Watford from Edinburgh with my dad, and we’d reached somewhere around junction 15 on the M1. Or rather he was driving and I was sitting in the passenger seat, making idle conversation. I asked him a question (no idea what) and he didn’t answer immediately – assuming that he was pondering (it was, naturally, a deep and perceptive question, of that I’m sure) I waited patiently for his answer. Only to find out that he wasn’t pondering – he was sleeping. Doing about eighty miles per hour in the fast lane – or rather the fast asleep lane. Deciding not to opt for the gentle tap on the shoulder, I instead went for the banshee-like wail – which probably saved us. Anyway, we both lived to tell the tale but it was one harrowing moment and that’s for sure! The final question (which in a way, I suppose that very nearly was) is this: What’s the closest you’ve ever come to meeting your maker?

Over to you …

No, no – the future is bright…

I wasn’t able to post over the weekend but I’ve been musing about the future, specifically: I know a lot of us are or were in bands, and although I wasn’t, I did at least get asked to join one once, and have hung around with a few. Plus, my son Matt has been in bands ever since he was at school, and certainly did and does think he might make it some day in the music biz.

Look at the picture: do you think that the Crickets, who came together in the mid-50s, ever thought they’d be playing the Floral Hall in Southport when they were old and grey? (Sonny Lewis, on the left, wasn’t a Cricket originally but was associated with them and Buddy Holly back in the day; JI Allison and Joe B Mauldin are yeractual Crickets.)

So…did any of you anticipate a future in showbiz? And what happened?

The future is grim gremlinfc…

The top image is one of my fillum faves – it’s from a poster for a fillum which deals with the future…
The second is yours truly ina fillum which got about the same reception as the novel it was adapted from…my hat never quite fitted and that raight got me nerves. Here’s the scores so far from me various posts:
1. FrogPrincess has 3 points (Matrix/Hannibal/ Sex Lies & Videotape)
2. DarceysDad 2 points (Dirty Harry / Barcelona Camp Nou)
3. Goronimmel 2 points (Capetown spot / Beautiful Mind)
4. TatankaYotanka 2 points (Poll Tax Riot spot / Gold Head sculpture in Jardins de Luxembourg)
it’s all up for grabs…


Though I no longer participate in the weekly RR circus I do usually scan through it and I particularly look forward to the off-topic themes that always develop, usually about noonish Sunday and they run through the week. It’s the best part of the entire slog and I feel a kinship with many of the posters, and of course most of them live here also. This weeks discussion re. sci-fi lit; leading to Vonnegut, leading to Desden and WW2 with insightful contributions from gremlin,webcore and others relating pop music to Vonnegut et al.
This gave me an idea for a topic here..
I don’t view the Spill as exclusively a music blog, for me it’s a window into pop culture and contemporary life outside the US, there’s much more here than pop music. I used to teach, my wife also teaches, world history to high school students, and she frequently brings specialty speakers to her classroom to give the students a wider understanding of the topics.
An aside, she was recently in trouble with the local muslim community, or at least with one member because they didn’t approve of the Palestinian speaker she’d invited and in the past has had similar problems with the Jewish community also related to her inviting Palestinians.
But that’s neither here nor there, back to pop culture, my idea was that were I a teacher in this, our hypothetical internet classroom,and I was teaching on the subject of popular culture past and present to adolescent students and I issued an invitation to any and all of you to be guest lecturers, giving you a total free hand to interpret ‘pop culture’ in anyway you choose and to discuss anything you wish on that topic: what would you choose to do? What to you reflects popular culture in all it’s manifestations and what’s worth talking about and how would you illustrate it?
Our hypothetical classroom is fully equipped with all media mod cons, you may use any format you choose to both present and illustrate your topic. You have one hour. We will need a theme, a rough outline and a list of the materials you would use. Anybody want to play this game and generate a bit of discussion?

‘Spillharmonic Records is GO!

Well folks, due to the frankly quite staggering current total in the chipin widget, and to the fact that 58% chose ‘Spillharmonic as the name for our record label, it’s time for the next step!
Record label logo design!!
We can discuss ideas in the comments, or you can just go and design a few things and mail them to me via the sidebar contact link.
A democratic vote will then be taken to choose between the contenders, if need be.
Or, if you have an ace idea, but don’t have the photoshop skills, then post your idea in the comments and I’m sure someone will pick it up and make it.
Let’s do it!

Shoey’s album of the Month – May

Was going to go with The Horrors, until I came across this piece of 80’s nostalgia. Robin Guthrie (the plucker from the Cocteau Twins) has found someone else to sing some nonsense vocals to his tunes – none other than John Foxx of Ultravox. (remember his solo hit single “Underpants” from back in the day?). Here’s a little taste:
& lest we forget:
The Spangle Maker

AOTW – Far East Family Band – Parallel World

Well, seeing as no-one else has, here’s one i’ve had up my sleeve for a while.

Far East Family Band were formed in the early 1970’s in Tokyo, with the band developing their esoteric and otherworldly sound around the nucleus of Fumio Miyashita in a sort of improvised commune on Miyashita’s parents’ farmhouse in the shadow of Mt. Fuji.

Released in 1976, this album was their fourth release and is a world away from the previous three (the others are more prog-rock than space-rock, but still well worth a listen). Recorded in England (Manor Studios – the birthplace of “Tubular Bells”, no less) by a German producer, the acclaimed Krautrock producer and musician Klaus Schulze. “Parallel World” is a prime example of mid- 70’s space-prog that occasionally tips over into cliche and self-indulgence and, for me at least, is all the better for it.

Julian Cope said: ” Virtually without vocals, “Parallel World” occupied the kind of vast and eternal kosmiche space that only the greatest Krautrock albums had thus far commanded. Whatever crazy titles Miyashita would at a later date decide to impose on these tracks, Klaus had created one seamless and ever unfolding earth-shaking, occasionally skanking masterpiece”.

I say: I always go back to this album if I get the flat to myself of an evening. The perfect soundtrack to a late night tipple that has the power to transport my mind to another realm for an hour or so.

Pull your best prog-cape over your knees pour a glass of port, kick back and enjoy!

Quite unbelievably, there doesn’t seem to be a Wiki for them yet!

N.B. A quick note about the song titles. I’ve given the English titles that are on the record sleeve which mostly bear no resemblance at all to the Japanese ones. Also, track 2 is in two parts, but i’ve only given the one title to keep it simple. And the epic final track is broken down into 7 parts, which has seven song titles, but as they all blend into one i’ve just kept the main song name.