Quiz Time – the DsD way


So here it is, my first attempt at a quiz. This is an old-fashioned ‘Connection’ question, so it’s a point for each artist, each songtitle, and if the magic word(s) ain’t in those two things, two Spill points for identifying the connecting piece of data. The three Spill points for the actual connection should be easy money, as you don’t need all of the songs to spot it. An unprecedented five Spill points for identifying the double connection one! And a warning, I do get a little contrived (Jimmy Saville-style) with making a couple of the tunes fit the idea, but hey, it’s my quiz … if you don’t like it, I’ll be left sitting alone with me pint of Guinness!!!!!
I’ve tried not to include too many heavy rockers, but No.5 – a direct (songtitle) response to today’s inept performance by my beloved Reds – got a late vote-in!

Soulsavers – Blackout : 2pts to saneshane
The Black (Sweden) – Enter Sandman / Take A Chance On Me : see below.
Jon Auer – Song Noir : 2pts to TonNL
Go Home Productions – Rock In Black : 2pts to saneshane
Turbonegro – Self-Destructo Bust : 2pts to saneshane
Japan – Wish You Were Black : 2pts to frogprincess
The Crystalites – Blacula : 1pt to saneshane, 1pt retained by me!
Scout Niblett – Elizabeth (Black-hearted Queen) : 4pts to saneshane’s Dad
Paul Anka – Black Hole Sun : 2pts to TonNL
Ella Guru – Base Is The Spine : 4pts to AliMunday (Jimmy Carl Black vocal)

For The Black, I figure it’s 2½ pts to saneshane’s mate; ½pt to AliM; 2pts EJD. Shane got the 3pts for ‘Black’ as the connection.

I hope you enjoyed it, but if I’ve not pitched this right, please feel free to tell me: you can’t make my mood any, um, BLACKER than Mr.Southgate’s boys & Mr.Redknapp’s cross-eyed twerps already have.

Fun, fun , fun in the fluffy chair…

Well, it seems like only yesterday that we were celebrating the DKs as the vanguard of “punk” and looking to them to rip to shreds all establishment icons , scathing cynicism embraced as Raygun and Thatch tried to push us all closer to MAD and put us all under surveillance…They’ve not managed that have they? I’ve been watching and waiting over the last 25 years for a band / singer / lyricist to step into Biafra’s sneakers, but don’t see anyone….Biafra’s lyrics are intelligent, cutting and often funny. But most of all they attack the targets that needs attacking…I’ve always hated MTV and although my little gremlin-ites watch it, i’ve only ever seen one or 2 decent clips on and it hardly pushes the boundaries…The DKs have done well A List-wise so can’t complain but this should be a dead cert. There doesn’t seem to be any decent footage of “TV Stars” by the Skids but that’s another dead cert. “Albert Tatlock…!”

spill TV is the channel for me

I’m guessing I’m one of the few who loves this theme.. can’t stand most of the programs on the box but it’s a compilation challenge.

I also like the fact that people think its a song about tele but only has a fleeting mention Becks ‘Loser’ and ‘Beercan’ are both like that for me. Maybe because I was unemployed lay-about with kids cartoons on and his album blasting out for the truck driving neighbors downstairs.
Most of these hit a televisual spot.. I had to resist putting Shacks ‘Wanda’ in
“she stuck her arse on top of the TV” not being enough I thought.
By the way HBOs ‘Carnivale’ was my recent favorite program (and it got cancelled)
Patrick McGoohans ‘The Prisoner’ my all time small screen joy…. What’s yours?
(first time dropbox play list, hope it works…)

Black Metal

With cold and grey weather over the last few days and the chance to do a bit of work from home, I have been delving into my (mostly black) metal collection.

I truly believe that metal is one of the most important and positive global unifiers, music-wise, and I love the way that it sells millions and millions or records and still remains way outside the mainstream. Hmm…..it may have to get it’s own 30 Minutes Over Tokyo edition at some point…

Anyway, for now, Watain are from Uppsala, Sweden (a beautiful town just north of Stockholm that I have visited many times – off again in a couple of weeks time actually!) and can be filed under “Black Metal”. I know it might not be everyone’s goblet of virgin’s blood, but I thought it might add even more diversity to the already eclectic ‘Spill.

Watain – Sworn To The Dark

Albums close to your heart that you need to have.

This thread comes from a comment by sourpus elsewhere.

He talks about albums that are always near to you and every now and then you just have to welcome back into your life. I think that we all have some of these.

It isn’t like you have to hear them all the time, indeed sometimes you really have to take a break from them, but they are massively important to you.

Here are some of mine.

Pink Floyd “Dark Side Of The Moon”

OK, a fairly predictable choice, but this means a lot to me. It brings back such wonderful memories of my teenage years.

Joni Mitchell “Ladies Of The Canyon”

The first Joni album I heard and the one that I grew to love the most. It isn’t her most mature work or even her best, but it is special.

Bob Dylan “Highway 61 Revisited”

This is the real deal, it is where the whole counter culture 1960s starts, in my opinion. Bob wrote the greatest single song ever and opened the album with it. “Like A Rolling Stone” changed everything.

CSN and Y “Deja Vu”

I actually like the CSN album better overall, but I fell in love with someone special with this as the soundtrack. My love for the album lasted a lot longer than my love for the person

Bob Weir “Ace”

A Grateful Dead album in all but name. It has some great Dead classics on it. This is the one on this list I no longer own. The CD seems to be unavailable and I lost the vinyl a long time ago. This lives on in my memories only.

Genesis “Foxtrot”

I adore “Supper’s Ready” and the rest of the album is pretty good too. I lost my virginity to this album so that is why it means so much to me.

k.d lang “Ingenue”

Simply a classic. It means more to me than I think I can even say. It got me through a lot of difficult times. k.d speaks to me, she says things that I have felt, she sings about feelings I have had, and still have today.

King Crimson “Lark’s Tongues In Aspic”

It is just awesome; brutal, overbearing, delicate, soaring and in places achingly lovely. If I could only ever own one CD, this is it.

Van Morrison “St Dominic’s Preview”

Not only a great album, but another part of the soundtrack to my life. I shared a lot of my life with someone who was very special to me, she still is in many ways, but we parted. Our lives took different paths and it was impossible to walk on both of them at the same time.

Bob Marley and the Wailers “Natty Dread”

This was the soundtrack to the hot Summer of 1976 for me. Whenever I hear it, it reminds me of sitting on Clapham Common, by the pond, getting stoned with friends and heading off to the pub as the evening set in, to drink ice cold lager, picking up kebabs on the way home and then smoking more dope late into the night.

Bruce Springsteen “Born To Run”

I came late to appreciating Bruce. I first heard this with another lover. She was a huge Bruce fan, as was the boyfriend we were cheating on while he was at work. It became a very messy situation, but when I hear the opening harmonica of “Thunder Road” I am transported back to a very exciting time in my life. “T” had a VW Beetle cabriolet and hearing that song just reminds me of waiting for her to pick me up for a drive somewhere, romantic as hell, I know, but it has a special place in my heart.

Rain & Sun, part 1, rain

I think it’s Going to Rain Today–Nina Simone
Didn’t it Rain–Sister Rosetta Tharpe
Elmore James–The Sky Is Crying
Come Rain or Come Shine–Billie Holiday
I Can’t Stand the Rain–Ann Peebles
Buckets of Rain–Bob Dylan
A Little Bit of Rain–Karen Dalton
Rainbirds–Tom Waits
Rain From the Sky–Horace Andy
Loraine–Linton Kwesi Johnson
More Than Rain–Tom Waits
Rains on Me–Tom Waits
Rainy Day Dream Away–Jimi Hendrix
Go Ahead in the Rain–ATCQ
Rainy Dayz–Raekwon

Your pants are pants…

Hey Mr. Tincanman your pants are officially pants – these are real bloomers, or pantaloons to give them their full and well-deserved name. Obviously I only wear them in me fillums , such as “Pirates of Pam’s Aunts”” and “Have at ye, gadzooks”, both of which I’m sure you know well.
Anyway, on with the search for the snazziest troosers…

A Natural Kind Of Jonathan

Jonathan In A TreeAs promised, here’s a selection of Jonathan Richman songs with a natural feel to them. Some of them may be a bit tenuous as fas ar this week’s theme is concerned but all of them are a joy to listen to – at least I think so. If you don’t feel up to listening to the whole list, all I ask is that you at least listen to the first two tracks. The first (Man Walks Among Us) is the most perfect song imaginable for this weeks’ theme. It may not be a Jonathan original but it has Jonathan’s unique personality shining out of every note and every word. The second (Monologue About Bermuda) is a live version of a song which sourpus recommended over on RR, called Down In Bermuda. This version is certainly some distance from fitting the theme but if it doesn’t bother me I don’t see why it should bother you. Listen to the monologue and try not to smile…

Things sounding new and fresh.

I listened to Television’s Marquee Moon today for the first time in quite a few years.

OK, it is one of those albums that is on every “Must Hear” and “Classic Albums” lists but it really does deserve to be there.

I hadn’t forgot how good it is but I had forgotten exactly how good it is. It sounds simply STUNNING.

I recently bought a new CD deck, a Cambridge Audio one, and the output quality is fantastic. I am hearing things I haven’t heard before, or if I had, I’ve forgotten about.

I had been thinking about changing my speakers, thinking they were on the way out, but I think it was my old CD deck giving up the ghost, slowly. Once the “Play” button went, my hand was forced. So it was off to Richer Sounds and some credit card abuse.

As I write, I am listening to McAlmont and Butler’s 2002 album Bring It Back and this sounds amazing too, brilliant wall of sound production. Bernard Butler is a great producer, as well as a great guitarist.

I suspect that no one would be bothering with Duffy if BB wasn’t twiddling the knobs and sliding the faders.


I was in Norwich castle today looking at art work by  Moore Hepworth and Nicholson in the 1930s they hadn’t invented swimsuits then, so much in tune with nature!


I struggle with podbean. I struggle with life though. Struggle is, after all, Life, as you’d know if you’ve ever watched a David Attenbprough documentary. To honour the great man, and Toffeeboy’s first class post below, I give you three of evolution’s wondrous beings.
The first a she-eagle nesting above California’s Highway 1 and Big Sur. A remarkable piece of work. The second from Pete Townsend’s favourite guitarist Joe Walsh and a song from “The Smoker You Drink The Player You Get” LP a song from the point of view of a wolf. And the third an inspirational lyric from Steve Kalinich and Dennis Wilson’s first moment in the BeachBoys story as a major songwriter – listen to the amazing arrangement.

Back to nature – again

[Edit: just noticed that Shoegazer had already used the title 'Back to nature' for his excellent playlist (see below) so, hoping that this doesn't confuse the great god of 'Spill - or worse than that, upset Mr Speng himself, I've changed the title (a bit).]

Darwin's SandwalkI suspect that there are very few people who have ever got quite as close to nature as Charles Darwin did. And having just celebrated the 200th anniversary of the great man’s birth, I thought it would be appropriate to use a picture of the place where Darwin did most of his great thinking about nature – namely, his ‘Sandwalk’ at Down House in Kent. If you ever get the chance to have a look around Down House (and I strongly recommend that you should make every effort to do so) don’t forget to pop out to the impressive gardens and take a stroll along the Sandwalk. It’s a fantastic place to contemplate the glorious world of nature and ask yourself how anyone could ever believe that there was some sort of creator behind all this – it evolved, OK? Oh, and can we please stop talking about the theory of evolution – it isn’t a theory, it’s a fact.

Right. Down off the soapbox and on with the music. I’m not sure that this playlist will do quite as much for science and nature as Mr Darwin did but I’m going to do my best.

We start with the stunningly beautiful At The River by Groove Armada which I gather is based on a song called Old Cape Cod by Patti Page (thanks fuel, I did not know that). It’s not exactly what I’d call my type of music but it certainly ticks all the right boxes.

Next up we have Badly Drawn Boy with River, Sea, Ocean from the soundtrack to About A Boy – which I just happen to believe is a damn fine film, based on a damn fine book by Nick Hornby, featuring a damn fine performance by Hugh Grant.

The third track is from one of my favourite albums of the past few years: it’s The Ocean from Richard Hawley‘s Coles Corner and it’s one of the standout tracks.

Since I have no reputation to damage, I can include the following track in the playlist with impunity – also webcore donded it so it must be OK! Yes, it’s Portugal’s finest Nelly Furtado and, err, She’s Like A Bird, pop-pickers! Not ‘arf…

Returning to Cool’s Corner, track 5 is XTC‘s The Wave. Taken from one of their later albums, Nonsuch, which is probably my favourite of theirs. The early ones might have all the astoundingly brilliant singles on them but I think that as a whole album, this takes the biscuit.

Finally we have McCarthy with a different view on nature in the shape of Antinature. I found the following quote on a McCarthy lyrics site and rather than try to summarise it, I thought it might be better to let singer and guitarist Malcolm Eden explain the thinking behind the song:

I think Antinature came out of an idea that was quite prevalent at the time and which has become even more widespread since, that anything natural is somehow positive and anything human or man-made is negative. It’s an idea I fundamentally disagree with. Previous ages had a far more rational view of nature as something largely destructive and inimical to human beings. Only now that we’ve begun to master certain aspects of nature can people afford the luxury of idealizing it.

I suppose the song is sung ‘from the future’ because I imagined a time when people had reduced the effects of such natural phenomena as earthquakes, malaria and acne. I mention the ‘id’, a Freudian term, because it’s something like the unconscious, natural instinct, as opposed to thought and reason.

The last bit, Nuclear Power? Yes, please! sounds as if it’s ironic but isn’t in fact. There was a Greenpeace slogan, Nuclear Power? No thanks! But I think people have a tendency to mix up nuclear weapons and nuclear power in their minds. The first brings us nothing whatsoever, but the second is probably the best form of energy available to us at the moment.

I’m not sure that I entirely agree with all that but it’s an interesting viewpoint nonetheless. I’d be interested in what others have to say. I do find the whole humanity v. nature thing a bit difficult. When does human activity become different to what animals do (like beavers building dams and changing the courses of rivers, and termites building their vast mounds)?

So to get you all talking, here’s a closing argument: Humankind is a part of nature, therefore everything that humankind does is, by definition, ‘natural’. Discuss.

A dab of Dub

Nilpferd alerted me to this song–Armagideon Time, by Willie Williams, used in the Jarmusch movie Ghost Dog. I was very excited to discover that Jackie Mittoo is playing on it. And here’s a nice long dub version by the Clash, as well as a song with a similar name by Mikey Dread, as well as a Lee Perry song for Frogprincess’s fishy dinner.

Justice Tonight/Kick it Over–The Clash
Armagiddeon Style–Mikey Dread
Roast Fish and Cornbread–Lee Scratch Perry

Turtle Twist

This image is “Turtle Swimming Down” by Bill Traylor. I love BIll Traylor’s art. I was going to do a whole post on it, but it seems to fit here. I’ll post some more images later, but he’s worth a google.

And here are few songs, not all I recommended this week, I’m abashed to say, and if anyone has a curiosity to hear anything else I mentioned, let me know and I’ll post it.

Crawlin Kingsnake–John Lee Hooker
Turtle Twist
Remember the Mountain Bed
Let me Die in My Footsteps
Wildwood Flower
Done By the Forces of Nature
Sounds of the Safari
I’ll be Yr Bird
Bro Weevil and the Swallow
Let the Mermaids Flirt With Me
Feeling Good
Funkier Than a Mosquito’s Tweeter
Ol Man River
Ol Man RIver
Flying Birds

Nature enter me..

Iconic kiwi band the Muttonbirds with a remake of a sixties hit, Nature.. one of the commentators on the youtube thread is the son of Wayne Mason, who orginally wrote Nature for the Fourmyulas 40 yrs ago.. in 2001 the original was voted the top NZ song in the last 75 years…

Chug is a mysterious Flying Nun band related to the 3Ds, their track Flowers is a classic.. their sound is described on the Flying Nun website as “a mix of forceful rhythms and sweet Dunedin pop that blend into smart and chunky songs”.

Followed by this week’s Nu Jazz/Deep House selection, Cine City/Wai Wan with Plants, Animals, and H2O, and The Dave Holland Quartet’s delightful Conference of the Birds.