Lucky ?

Every time (ie both times) I have used this feature the heat rises in my chest, the palms get sticky, the throat swells. But I think I have once again managed to actually upload two of my favourite lucky things which appear to be either a) unknown to the cognoscenti (for that is what you are RR team) or b) so rabidly unpopular as to be not worthy of comment (with hon exceptions). So for the (hopefully) uninitiated here are the very lucky Todd Rundgren whose talent has backfired upon him so many times, lucky because he can play every instrument (and frequently does) – backfired – because he gets bored easily I guess. “Lucky Guy” is from his last true pop album (he’s on heavy Rock right now) Hermit Of Mink Hollow (which is in Woodstock NY btw) in 1978. It’s a beautifully simple song. Merle Haggard is a country n western singer from Bakersfield, California who actually spent some time in prison (unlike my favourite twerp Johnny Cash) and who has the most sublime voice, warm, deep and thrilling. He saw LEfty Frizzell live early in life and was inspired to sing for a living – and this song may have been written by LEfty – haven’t been able to check. It’s fantastic. Enjoy !!

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