Give us a light mester gremlinfc

On the theme of “lights” the gremlinfc has this week been down to one of the country’s most beautiful parts to sample a very old festival well worth a visit. Ze question is…where is it? What is it called and in which town is it held? It’s an annual ting…
PS – i’ll stick to what i can do in future , that Podbean ting is black magic. The 3rd of the battle-gremlins was the “Battle of the Beanfield”.


Betty Davis wants that light shut off.
NOT turned off.

Matt Johnson, accompanied by Johnny Marr, sets out in a taxi following the maxim that, if you seek something, you should seek it where the light is strongest… in his case, what he’s seeking can be found standing under the streetlights of his city.. one of his ambiguous, flawed and fractured portraits of a man in search of his sodium light baby..

The Gordons need a new bulb for their hat, so that they can shine it in your eyes, and the beam of their 15 000 watts will wipe away the lies.. you get like that if you spend too long down a coalmine, I guess..

And just because it fits, Betchadupa – Spill the light..

(Player removed)


Afternoon all. Anything happen whilst I was away?

The Frods are having a quick pitstop, washing the bedding, pumping up the tyres, fixing the leaking bits, that sort of thing. It means we have a day and a bit of internet, so I thought I’d just say hello.

Thus far we have managed to make a big, satisfying loop of Belgium and Holland in which the highlights were many – Brugges, Ghent and Maastricht being particularly bejewelled. We have spent some more (slightly enforced) time in Kent whilst wrinkles have been ironed out and now we are aiming squarely toward Ireland, to dot various ‘I’s and cross various ‘T’s (once the Manchester Derby has been taken in on Sunday, that is).

After that we are going to come back via Scotland and will be around both ends of the M8 for a week or so. Blimpy, I’m looking at you….

And then it’s Christmas, so hometime. Hurrah.

I am kind of keeping a diary, and am kind of considering making a blog out of it, but internet access is very sporadic so it may take a bit of thinking about. Other than that, I need to get on to shoey’s festive tracks and probably should avoid a massive-looking RR as time is a bit short.

There now follows a picture of a bus with an unexpected destination and a picture of Brugges. Olé.

Happy Thanksgiving and all that, y’hear?

Christmas Is Coming …

… and DsD is getting fat,
despite a lack of pennies in my old hard hat.
As I can’t afford the CDs, CD-Rs will do,
If you haven’t had the CD-Rs, please shout “Oi, you!”

Only citrus vodka could give me the chutzpah to post that poetic abuse!!!

Anyway, Shane has – unwittingly, I’m sure – shamed me into putting this one out here. A whole year ago I started to promise people some discs through the post. I have failed to honour that promise on a pretty-much wholesale basis, and in the next fortnight I intend to put it right. So …

Who wants summary discs of all the attendees’ CDs from RR Socials 1&2? I know I *have* actually hand-delivered some to fourfoot, Snadfrod and Abahachi. But not for love-nor-money can I remember what, if anything, I’ve posted to steenbeck, saneshane, IglooBoogaloo, goneforeign, Blimpy, junks, tracyk, Cauliflower, glasshalfempty, etc., etc., etc. And they’re just the ones I know I have addresses for!!

Any ‘Spiller/RRer who wants to email me via my profile WILL get a nice little package via Postie of whatever I’ve promised-but-not-sent, and whatever other compilations I can burn – e.g. I have a double-disc called It’s Dark At Christmastime that I’m quite proud of!?!

Cheers and goodnight all. This going to bed twenty minutes before RR launches STILL feels weird, y’know!



The Asteroids Galaxy Tour

having caught a tiny snatch of the music of The Asteroids Galaxy Tour on Buzzcocks this evening, i felt compelled to use the power of the internet to see how much I could find out about them in half an hour. I also used this half hour to play one side of a Chapterhouse 12″ that i got for £1.49 in the charity shop today, have a conversation with mrs mcflah, refill my e-cig, go to the bathroom, and much more besides. consequently i haven’t found out much asides from these two songs i’m gonna post. the first one sounds like Duffy covering “Walking On the Sun” by Smashmouth (yes, smashmouth! mentioned on the spill!). the second sounds like a funky horny (trumpets and that, ken) shuffle through a moloko jam, crossed with something I can’t quite put my finger on just now (someone please put me out my misery).
um, they’re swedish, have released one 3 track EP,  have 4144 myspace friends, were on an ipod ad, and now they’re on the spill.
boom! well done internet! 
(i’m finding it very hard to not put an apostrophe in their name by the way. although i did find it very easy to write this post without putting capitals Where they should be.)

The Sun Ain’t Shining No More by The Asteroids Galaxy Tour
Around The Bend by The Asteroids Galaxy Tour

Stop the Violence!

Thanks to the Spillers who contributed to the 2 quiz-pics ; South Africa House in flames from the humungous Poll Tax riot and the furious Battle of Orgreave were the venues- this is the last before peace breaks out and is another from the period where Thatcher & her gang did their best to smash all forms of opposition & protest. For me it poses the question – where & when is violence justified? I love the end of Spike Lee’s film “Do the right thing” where he posts 2 quotes – one from MLK and one from Malcolm X and just leaves you to ponder….i go with mr.X
I don’t even call it violence when it’s in self defense; I call it intelligence.
Oooh – now that’s hard to argue with…

Thank you for the Music

Maybe the rest of the ungrateful world doesn’t celebrate thanksgiving, but here in America we commemorate our first harvest dinner with the native americans by ignoring the shameful rest of the history and delighting in excess and self-indulgence.

When I was little we had to say what we were thankful for, and I would like to say I’m very thankful for RR and the ‘spill. So thanks everyone, and Blimpy in particular.

I’m going away for a few days. I’m hoping someone will have a laptop and internet access for Thursday night, but in case they don’t, here’s the key to my iTunes library and that part of my brain that chooses songs.

To fight another day …

Fight, fight, fight...
I was so engrossed in the debate on the power of words that took place over on the Mothership at the weekend that I haven’t had time (until now) to put up the weekly playlist. I’m sure you’ve all been sitting around, twiddling your thumbs, wondering when I would get round to it so you’ll be pleased to see that the wait is finally over…

Ten songs, some of which I recommended on RR, others that I’ve thought of since. Some fit the theme very well, others are tangenital at best. Some you’ll know, others may be new to you. Some will make you smile, others will no doubt produce the classic ‘meh’ reaction. All are, in my opinion, wonderful songs which deserve an airing.

Here’s the full tracklisting:

1. What’s The Matter Here? – 10,000 Maniacs
2. 40 Days And 40 Fights – Badly Drawn Boy
3. Just Give ‘Em Whiskey – Colourbox
4. Violence, Easter And Christmas – Gangway
5. Sleep Well Tonight – Gene
6. I Predict A Riot – The Kaiser Chiefs
7. Little Hitler – Everything But The Girl
8. Violence – The Pet Shop Boys
9. The Police Will Never Find You – Gene
10. Riot Van – The Arctic Monkeys

The debate on RR threw up some fascinating ideas and it’s clear from most of the posts that we are, in the main, a peace loving bunch. But I’m sure that most of us would also agree that some things are worth fighting for. So what would make you fight the good fight and when (if ever) is violence justified?

PS. For the benefit of gremlinfc, sourpus and others who may be interested, I’ve posted a step-by-step guide to creating a Podbean playlist – it’s in the comments on shoegazer’s Festive ‘Spill Update post.

"Police On My Back" – Lethal Bizzle

One day I’ll get round to doing a post about my fave Brit hip-hop / grime tunes. The UK stuff has always appealed to me way more than US rap. Anyways, I was having a nostalgia youtube trip; and thought I’d share this really sweet and cute video from Lethal Bizzle. He’s amazing live by the way – no one rocks a festie crowd like the Bizzle Bizzle!

His flow is a bit rubbish, but there’s something so endearing about him… 
Anyways, big up Wiley, Dizzee, Kano, Bizzle, Streets, Roll Deep, More Fire Crew and all the rest. 
Bonus grime/punk video with LOTS of violence. Here’s Bizzle gamely taking on The Ruts “Babylon’s Burning”, God bless ‘im:

Testing…. 1, 2, 3

 It is with trembling fingers that I gingerly attempt my first ‘Spill post…I don’t have too much confidence it’s going to work, so I won’t write too much.

(If it works) this track is from the real Japanther, the lo-fi DIY indie-punk band from New York that I stole my blogging name from. Taken from their brand new album “Tut Tut, Now Shake Ya Butt”.
WARNING! Contains rude words!

My Favorite Tune

Festive ‘Spill Update

22 tracks received so far. Please keep ‘em coming: Boxtr & Podbean links seem to be the best way of getting your noms to me, as some mp3 files are proving too large for some e-mail filters. I’m going to be away from December 22, so I plan to post the final playlists as a series of three over successive nights, starting on Friday, December 19. Let me know if this works for everyone? If it does, would suggest a deadline for nominations of Monday, December 15. Based on noms so far, I think this is going to be a lot of fun, folks.

Stop the violence!

Swiss-french trumpeter Erik Truffaz, rapper Nya and Tunesian singer Mounir Troudi describe the situation in the city of Yabous, where one man’s obituary is another man’s good news..

(Player removed)

self construction single photo

KRS one and the Stop the violence movement.. Self Construction.

Redefining hip-hop culture to curb violence.

Not sure how to turn this track into a self-playing link, it is available here on Myspace:

Get yer ‘ead off my truncheon ,pal

Decided to post 2 at once as will be away more than likely over t’weekend, so this is earlier than the first one by about 6 years and should be a doddle for you all – if anyone lives near here you’ll recognise the background – dead give away. This is part of our history and should be taught in schools – have a great weekend!